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How to care for a Hoya Hindu Rope Plant

Interested in the Hoya Hindu Rope Plant? Here’s everything you need to know about these unique houseplants!

When I attended the grand opening of Plant House in Mount Pleasant, I was introduced to the Hoya Rope plant. I found it so unique that I had to bring one home with me!

What is the Hoya Hindu Rope Plant?

Hoya carnosa compacta is known as the Hindu rope plant, Krinkle Kurl, porcelain flower, and wax plant.

This plant has woody stems covered with thick, dark green, waxy, crinkled looking leaves.

The leaves feel like a succulent and kind of remind me of a crinkled up jade leaf.

hoya hindu rope plant complete care guide

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close up of hoya hindu rope plant

How fast does Hoya rope grow?

Hoya rope is a super slow grower, though it does tend to grow in bursts when it does grow!

Is Hoya Hindu rope rare?

No, these are not rare plants. They might not be super common, but they are commonly found at any specialty plant store! This plant was priced the same as all other plants in that same pot size.

Does Hoya rope flower?

Hoya Rope plants actually will flower. Beautiful pink star shaped flower clusters will form on the end of leafless stems. They need to be very happy to bloom, but Plant House had several larger ones that were in bloom!

close up of hoya hindu rope plant

Is the Hoya rope poisonous?

No, Hoya rope is not poisonous!

Is hoya rope plant toxic to cats?

No, Hoya Rope is a great pet-friendly plant!

hoya rope plant in pot

How do you care for a Hoya rope plant?

Hoya rope care is VERY easy! The rope plant – hoya carnosa – is a great beginner level plant!

Lighting needs

These plants do best with bright, indirect light. They do OK with less light, but won’t grow as much. Too much direct light can burn the leaves and turn them crispy!

Watering needs

These succulent-like plants don’t need much water! Let them dry out completely between waterings.

I actually bottom-water my hoya rope, which is what the Plant House employee suggested I do. To do this, fill a bowl with a few inches of water. Set the hoya rope pot (with good drainage holes – I have mine in the nursery pot it came it) in the dish of water. Give it 30 minutes to drink, then remove it!

Pot size

Hoya rope likes to be in a smaller pot. You can let it be more root bound than other plants. When put in larger pots, you are more likely to over water it. Leave it in a smaller pot with well draining potting soil!

Be sure that your pot has drainage holes and well-draining soil to prevent the plant from getting soggy.

Hoya Hindu Rope Propagation

Hoya Hindu Rope can be propagated in water from a stem cutting. Simply stick a cutting in your propagation station of choice and wait for roots to form. They are very slow to root (just slow growing everything!) but just give them time.

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