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When to repot house plants

Wondering if your potted plants need to be moved to a new or bigger pot? Here’s how to figure out when to repot your houseplants!

We all know that plants need light, water, and soil to thrive. But, did you know that sometimes they need to be repotted?

While you can see the plant growing lush and beautiful above the soil, it is growing under the soil as well.

And, the roots might be growing to the point that they are too large for your pot.

Luckily, repotting a plant is a fairly straight forward process!

when is it time to repot a plant

How to know when to repot a plant

Plants need to be repotted when they no longer fit in the pot they are in.

Signs that your plant needs to be repotted:

  • Roots are growing through the drainage hole at the bottom of the planter
  • The plants roots are lifting the plant up and out of the pot
  • Matted roots are poking up from the soil
  • You pull the plant from the soil and see more roots than soil
  • The plant is growing slower than normal during a season when it should be growing
  • Plant falls over easily or is top heavy (a bigger pot will stabilize)
  • Plant needs more frequent waterings and is drying out easily
  • Aboveground parts of plant take up more than three times the pot space
  • Noticeable mineral build up on the plant or pot
when is it time to repot a plant

How often should you repot plants?

Many plants need to be repotted every year. Some can go years without being repotted at all!

Should you repot plants after buying them?

You do not need to repot new plants just because they are new – repot them only if they meet the above criteria.

However, some people prefer to repot new plants. I have actually found some plants from big box stores lately with their roots tied up in a sort of netting inside the soil, stunting their growth!

If you think there might be something sketchy going on with your plant, repotting it is a way to check it out!

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When is the best time to repot houseplants?

Early Spring, before the big growth season, is the best time to repot your plants to give them the best chance to grow a ton this season.

how to know when to repot a plant

Repotting plant tips:

  • You don’t have to change the planter that your plant is in to re-pot it! Sometimes, changing out the soil is enough. Fresh soil = fresh nutrients!
  • If you are moving to a larger pot, pick one that is 1-2 inches larger in diameter than your current pot.
  • If your plant is root-bound, use your fingers to gently separate them. It’s OK for there to be a little ripping, but don’t damage any green parts of the plant.

Here is a great tutorial from my friend Brittany on how to repot a plant!

Any more questions about when to repot plants?

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