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The latest hardwood flooring trends for 2023

Whether you are building, renovating, or just curious, it is fun to follow the latest design trends. Here are the biggest hardwood flooring trends for 2023!

I have been having a lot of fun writing about design trends lately. Even if you can’t renovate your home every year to follow the new trends (which would be expensive and environmentally irresponsible) it is still fun to follow the trends.

Some people are into fashion trends, or trending music. I like to see what is trending in the decor and design world!

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I thought that it would be interesting to talk about wooden floor trends today.

This was inspired by us recently putting new carpet in our kids room. The carpet is NOT trendy but was more of a necessity while they are so young.

We looked at a lot of hardwood floor ideas at the flooring store and I dreamed about putting new flooring in our home.

There are so many flooring options!

Five years ago, we were looking at grey and almost white floors as the hottest thing. Now, that’s not the popular style any more.

While it’s always most important to pick something that you actually like over what is trending, interior design trends impact what is available in stores and what buyers might hope to see. So, trends are very important!

Let’s talk about what is trending for wood floor colors and materials. Even if you don’t swap out your flooring, it could still inspire you in some way!

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The latest hardwood flooring trends for 2022

Hardwood flooring trends

Wood flooring ideas break down into 3 main categories: color, finish, and material. I love looking at the trends for each idea!

Hardwood flooring color trends

Color is the thing that most people notice first about hardwood floors. Most of the trending colors correspond to trending home decor styles that are happening right now.

Popular wood floor colors for 2022 will include:

  • Light, raw natural wood color
  • Whitewashed
  • Very dark wood tones without red in them
Light natural raw wood

Light wood flooring is popular for boho, coastal, Scandinavian, or casual style homes. Steer clear of anything that might skew too yellow or orange and look for muted tan and beige instead.

Personally, if I was picking floors right now I would pick something light, nearly natural, with just a hint of a driftwood color to it. Dreamy!

Whitewashed floors

Whitewashed floors are a great option for those who want light flooring but don’t like the natural look. This could be for more of a preppy, classic, or still even beachy look without looking rustic at all. It’s a bit more formal than the natural wood tones.

Some white washes are more transparent and show more color variation of the wood species through it, while others offer more coverage, almost like white paint.

Bleached flooring can also give you a lighter look without a specifically white look. If you are refinishing wood floors, a bleached finish might be right for you!

White colored hardwood can be harder to keep clean, as well – though I think it’s not as bad as very dark hardwood for showing dust!

Dark wood tones

Very dark wood floors work well with modern, masculine, or formal style spaces. Steer clear of anything with reddish tones to it, which looks dated. Think walnut over mahogany or cherry.

Beware – dark floors are hard to keep clean. We had them in our last house and they showed lots of dirt, pet hair, and dust!

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Hardwood floor colors that never go out of style

Natural colored white oak floors are an option that is considered timeless and will likely never go out of style. While it isn’t always trendy it never really looks outdated. It’s a great option if you want to do your floors once and have them look great forever!

Hardwood flooring finish trends

The top flooring trends extend beyond color and also are effected by the sheen of the top coat put on the floors after they are stained – or built into the luxury vinyl planks.

The finish of wood means if it has a glossy, matte, or somewhere in between sheen. The finish really effects the flooring more than you might expect – shiny, reflective floors have a totally different vibe compared to those that look more like matte finished wood.

Matte and satin finishes for flooring are definitely what is on trend. You don’t want to do a raw wood look with a glossy finish – that would be contradictory. The trending colors definitely lend themselves to a matte finish.

Beware that if you choose something with a glossy or even semi-gloss finish, it will show every scratch and dent and also show more dust and dirt!

Hardwood flooring materials trends

Many people prefer solid hardwood floors because the look natural (they ARE natural), last a very long time, and can be refinished as needed.

As technology develops, there are SO many flooring materials to choose from! The vinyl planks and tile flooring are getting nicer and nicer and have become a true rival for solid hardwood.

Some popular wood flooring materials include:

  • solid hardwood
  • unfinished engineered woods
  • luxury vinyl plank
  • tile that looks like wood flooring

Sustainable materials are also trending. This no longer means bamboo (which has been proven to NOT be as durable or long lasting as advertised and many stores no longer carry it). Instead, focus on flooring grown or made in your home country. This cuts down on shipping costs and saves money and energy!

Regardless of the material, wider plank flooring is definitely trending compared to the thinner planks. Wide planks can make your room look larger and I love this trend for hardwood and vinyl floors!

Any questions about these wood floor trends?

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