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Easy DIY Update: Spray Painted Ombré Blue Basket

You may or may not remember that we previously had a snake plan next to our TV stand. Well, it wasn’t doing too hot, so I moved it over to be near a window next to our fiddle leaf fig planter (hello, plant corner!) and that left the corner next to the TV stand empty. I would love a plant there, but with zero natural light, it’s really a plant graveyard. So,  I decided to hunt for a basket. I found an interesting tall basket at Goodwill on one of my weekly shopping trips, but once I got it home I realized that it was the exact color of our floors. I wanted more of a pop, so I decided to jazz it up with some spray paint. So, without further ado, here is how to spray paint a two color ombré basket.

How to Spray Paint a Two Color Ombré Basket

What you need:

What you do:

Always use spray paint in a well ventilated area, and wear socks or close toed shoes if you don’t want painted feet! 

Easy DIY Update: Spray Painted Ombré Blue Basket - Charleston Crafted

Start with the shade that you want on the bottom half of your basket. For me, this was the darker shade. Spray the lower 2/3 of the basket with that darker color.

Easy DIY Update: Spray Painted Ombré Blue Basket - Charleston Crafted

Now pick up the lighter or second color of spray paint. You want to paint the top 1/2 of the basket solid with this color. Once that area is filled in, you want to start to fade into the middle third of the basket. Hold the can 10-12″ away from the basket and move quickly to get a light coat. Step back frequently to get a feel for how your colors are looking. I went back and made the top 2-3″ of the basket really thick with the lighter paint, just to make the ombré, which is still subtle, a bit more obvious.

Read about my favorite blue gray paint colors!

Easy DIY Update: Spray Painted Ombré Blue Basket - Charleston Crafted

Allow to dry according to the directions on the paint. Trust me, don’t try to move it early!

I love the blue basket in our sunroom and really like the gradual, subtle ombré.

Easy DIY Update: Spray Painted Ombré Blue Basket - Charleston Crafted

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