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DIY wall-mounted Christmas tree

Check out how we made a DIY flush mount wall Christmas tree! This is a perfect option for tight spaces to display ornaments or decor!

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We’re adding another take on a wooden Christmas tree to our home with this flush mount wall Christmas tree!

This is a great project if you have a small space where you want to add a Christmas decoration this holiday season.

Our hanging Christmas tree is great for mounting at the top or bottom of a staircase, next to the couch, in the entryway or wherever you need it.

Let’s show you how we built it and how you can use it!

Wall mount Christmas tree - Charleston Crafted

Wall mounted Christmas tree

There is nothing wrong with adding lots of wood Christmas trees to your holiday decorations and filling your home with Christmas cheer.

Whether you’re a real Christmas tree person or an artificial tree person, this is another great alternative Christmas tree if you need one!

Tree mounted to wall

Materials needed to make a flush mount Christmas tree

You’ll also need a miter saw, a table saw, a sander, a drill and a Kreg Multi-Mark to get the job done!

How do you make a Christmas tree on the wall

Here’s the general steps on how to do this. Make sure you grab our free DIY wall-mounted Christmas tree woodworking plans to get the full details!

Step one: make cuts and drill pocket holes

Start by making all the cuts. You could make this project with plywood using a circular saw and a Kreg Rip Cut guide, but we used a hardwood board and ran it through the table saw.

Then we cut all the boards down to the lengths and angles specified in our free woodworking plans.

Once all the boards were cut, we drilled pocket holes. It was super fast and easy to drill pocket holes using our Kreg 720 Pro. Make sure you check out our full Kreg 720 Pro tool review here!

Drilling pocket holes for wall mount christmas tree

Step two: connect bottom of tree

Start assembly by building the bottom part of the tree. Each layer of the tree will be the same assembly.

Take two of the side pieces and attach them on top of the biggest base piece flush against the angled edges using wood glue and pocket hole screws.

Attaching bottom of tree

My tip here is to make sure you’re clamping down on these boards because you’re drilling at an angle and you don’t want the boards to slip!

You’ll build this base of three pieces and then continue that up the tree next.

Step three: assemble remaining tree

Make another two layers of tree in this same method with the next two smaller base pieces.

Then, connect the layers together with wood glue and pocket hole screws so that the sides are connecting into the bottoms of the next smaller base.

You’ll be attaching the sides 1 1/4″ in from the sides of each base layer.

When you get to the top of the tree, connect all three pieces for the top triangle together. You’ll need the Kreg 90 degree driver to attach any pocket screws here because it’s too tight for the standard bit.

Then you’ll attach this triangle on just like the rest of the layers.

Step four: fill pocket holes

Next we went back and filled all of the pocket holes with wood glue and pocket hole plugs.

When they were dry and in place, we used our flush cut saw to cut them off and then sanded smooth.

Click here to read our article on four ways to fill pocket holes!

Step five: stain

Finally, give your wooden Christmas tree a nice little stain! We chose a light oak stain that we used on our DIY four poster canopy bed that looks really good with the green color in our home.

Staining wall mount Christmas tree

Step six: mount on the wall!

We screwed in flush D-ring hangers on the back of the tree, then tapped some nails into the wall in our room.

This way, the wall mount tree hangs pretty flush on the wall!

We added some red and gold Christmas ornaments on each of the ledges. This is a great place to stand up little holiday figurines!

DIY Christmas tree ledge

This DIY wooden wall mount Christmas tree is a perfect alternative to traditional Christmas trees and can be used anywhere in your home!

It looks great in tight spaces and can be lit up or used as a display for Christmas decorations.

If you’re looking for a different DIY Christmas tree idea, give this one a try!

Wall mount Christmas tree hung on wall

Wall mounted Christmas tree woodworking plans

If you love this project, you can get the woodworking plans for free!

Woodworking plans link for wall mount Christmas Tree

We partnered with our friends at Kreg Tool to bring you the full plans on their website. There, you can download the full cut list, material list and step-by-step instructions with computer model imagery to help you make your own wooden Christmas tree!

Before you go…

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Wall mount Christmas tree - Charleston Crafted

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