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DIY 2×4 wood Christmas tree

This post will show you how to make a popular wooden Christmas tree using 2x4s! This is a simple beginner level project for anyone to make!

Everywhere I look, I have been seeing this 2×4 Christmas tree!

It’s roughly the same design everywhere, but this DIY 2×4 Christmas tree has been everywhere. I’ve seen them on social media and for sale on Facebook marketplace in my area.

So, if you’ve been seeing them too, I wanted to give you a design for a standing 2×4 Christmas tree that uses just one 8 foot long board!

This makes it a great scrap wood projects or very inexpensive if you just need to buy one board.

It’s a very easy project to customize as well, adding more layers or how you want to stain or paint it.

Let’s take a look at how to make this viral 2×4 Christmas tree!

DIY 2x4 Christmas tree - Charleston Crafted

2×4 Christmas tree

The overall design for this DIY wood 2×4 Christmas tree is a few layers of slightly angled wood that are attached to each other.

The layers overlap at the end and go up really as tall as you want to make it.

Our design for a 2×4 Christmas tree involves just one 8′ 2×4 board, which allows us to make a tree that is about 3 feet tall. We’ll lay out the whole process below!

While you have the saw out, here’s a list of 33 wooden Christmas decorations you can make this weekend!

DIY Christmas tree from 2x4s

Materials needed to make a 2×4 Christmas tree

  • (1) 8′ 2×4 board
  • Wood glue
  • Nails or screws
  • Paint or stain of choice
  • Miter saw

Step one: Make cuts

Start by making all the cuts for the tree. Most of the cuts involve a 15 degree angle on each end, but the top sections have 45 degree.

Here’s the cuts you need to make:

Piece nameLengthAngle to cut on sides
(1) Base15″Opposing 15 degree bevels
(4) Lower Sides12″Parallel 15 degree bevels
(1) Top Left14″Opposing 15 degree and 45 degree bevels
(1) Top Right12″Opposing 15 degree and 45 degree bevels

Step two: Create base

Start by making the base layer. Attach two of the Lower Sides to the outside of the Base board so that the angles line up flat at the bottom.

To attach, you’ll want to use wood glue and nails or screws. If you don’t have a brad nailer, drill pilot holes with a small drill bit and attach screws. You can cover them later if you want.

If you have a scrap piece of 2×4 laying around from another project, you can also glue and nail that on under the base here to raise it up off the ground. This is totally optional!

2x4 christmas tree base

Step three: Add second layer

Next, attach two more of the Lower sides to the outside edge of the ones already in place.

You’ll want to attach these about 3/4″ from the top end.

Use the same method as before with wood glue and nails to attach them in place.

Attaching second layer

Step four: Attach top

Finally, you’ll attach the top later. These will keep the 15 degree edges at the bottom, but their 45 degree edges will meet at the top.

We started by gluing and nailing the pieces together at the peak and then attached the lower parts the same way as before to the outside edges of the middle layer.

After all these joints are made, it’s best to put a squeeze clamp on each of them just to make sure they get nice and tight while they dry.

Attaching everything with squeeze clamps

Step five: paint or stain

After everything is dry, give the whole thing a coat of stain or paint, depending if you want a colorful or rustic holiday vibe.

We opted for a green spray paint to go along with the PVC pipe Christmas trees we already made this year. It also matches the horizontal wood slat Christmas tree we made last year!

Spray painting 2x4 Christmas tree

DIY 2×4 Christmas tree

This DIY 2×4 Christmas tree is a great addition to any space this holiday season! Once your tree is sanded and stained, it would look great next to your front door or near your fireplace (but not like too close, you know?).

DIY Christmas decorations always feel more special and this one is a great way to be greeted each year.

These 2×4 Christmas trees also make a really good gift idea for someone because they are inexpensive and can be made quickly.

2×4 Christmas tree woodworking plans

These 2×4 Christmas tree woodworking plans will help you get through this project without issue.

There is lots of room for creativity with these 2×4 Christmas trees too. If you want to make your tree taller, make the pieces longer. If you want it wider, start with a wider base.

Remember to enjoy the process of building your 2×4 Christmas tree!

Before you go…

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DIY 2x4 Christmas tree - Charleston Crafted

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