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Live Edge Wood Projects

Live edge wood projects are all the rage in many different decor styles. Incorporating live edge wood into a variety of styles can enhance a rustic feel or tone down a modern feel. Live edge wood projects can range from very difficult to very simple, depending on if you’re doing something like shelves versus an epoxy resin river table. Here’s four live edge wood projects that we’ve done that perfectly enhance our coastal decor.

Live Edge Wood Projects

Live edge wood projects

  • Live edge wood shelves– we added two live edge wood shelves above our bar and love the look. The natural wood works well with the wood bar and flooring, plus the coloration in the black walnut ties in several other pieces in our house.
    Live Edge Wood Shelves DIY via Charleston Crafted
  • Live edge coffee table– the first live edge wood project we did, this slab came from Amazon and we attached simple hairpin legs for a very quick coffee table project. We love the look of it in our front room with our aqua-colored decor.
    DIY Live Edge Wood Slab Coffee Table via Amazon The Lumber Shack - Charleston Crafted
  • Live edge epoxy table– speaking of tables, we made a live edge side table out of the scraps from our shelves and filled the crack with Gorilla Glue two part epoxy that we colored with craft paint. This project was a test and turned out amazing.
    Epoxy Live Edge River Side Table via Charleston Crafted
  • Lazy Susan– finding or cutting a wood slice from a tree can make for the perfect Lazy Susan for your dining room table and bring in the natural outdoors look, perfect for any holiday decor.
    DIY Wood Slice Lazy Susan Tutorial - Charleston Crafted

We have a few more slabs of wood that we’re going to make some more live edge wood projects out of and can’t wait to share them with you. We love how live edge wood pops in our house against our decor and love using it when we can. We hope these projects are inspiration for your next decor project!

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