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Groom Shoe Inspiration

I’m going wedding suit shopping this weekend, which should be quite the ordeal. I know the color suit I want (grey, no tuxedos), and I want to wear brown shoes with it. I’m not into wearing black, hence no tuxes or black shoes. I was thinking this week about what type of shoes I want to wear with the suit that will be casual (based on where we are having our ceremony), yet wedding appropriate. Here are a couple of options that I thought of:

  1. Sperry’s- You’re about to find out that I’m actually about to highlight three different Sperry Topsider shoes here (any guesses where I’m leaning? Buehler?). So the first pair is what I wear basically every day to work. The Authentic Original 2-eye Boat Shoe is super comfortable and looks great with so many looks (slacks, suits, shorts, etc). Another option is the slightly more dressy looking Gold Cup. These are made with a softer and darker leather, making them look more fancy than the other ones that are very casual. Finally, there is the Authentic Original Anchor Tattoo 2-eyed shoe. How cool are these! They have anchors all over them. Perfect for a wedding by the water or a nautical themed reception.
    Groomsmen Shoe Ideas - Charleston Crafted
  2. Loafers- Traditional loafers are a little more formal than Sperry. Sperry’s look like boat shoes and traditional loafers, whether it be the penny loafer, a loafer with tassels, or just a smooth front, are more recognizable for a more formal event. I can’t wear a loafer that doesn’t have a tassel or buckle or something across the top because my feet are too big. With a size 13 shoe, the flat top loafers just don’t look right.
    Groomsmen Shoe Ideas - Charleston Crafted
  3. Oxfords-  This is the most formal of all the shoes I am looking at. Having laces on the brown shoes looks really formal, more so than the Sperry’s because these are shined. Often, these aren’t as comfortable, but they look really nice. I would try these on and feel them since, as the groom, you will be on your feet a lot.
    Groomsmen Shoe Ideas - Charleston CraftedGroomsmen Shoe Ideas - Charleston Crafted
  4. Rainbows- Yes, these are flip-flops. I have seen it all the time for people getting married on or near the beach. They are more casual and definitely wouldn’t work with a tux. I don’t think Morgan would let me wear these, but for people that aren’t formal, this can be a fun option.
    Groomsmen Shoe Ideas - Charleston Crafted
  5. Sanuks- This is a little bit of a different option. One of my buddies gave each of his groomsmen a pair of these Sanuk loafers as a groomsmen’s gift to wear during the wedding. I have a pair just like them in Croc’s brand and they are super comfortable. They are very casual and are perfect for a beach wedding or something by the water. The slipper-type look isn’t great for a fancy wedding, but this is acceptable for some weddings, and will keep you comfortable on the dance floor all night.
    Groomsmen Shoe Ideas - Charleston Crafted

These are just some ideas, and I haven’t decided where I’m going, but I’m probably leaning toward wearing Sperry. They are a good combo of looking nice while remaining casual, which is exactly what our venue for the wedding is like. One day, I’ll have to choose…

Which shoes do you like best?

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