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9 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

Wow! Tomorrow marks our third wedding anniversary! Crazy how fast time flies. We have been doing so much travel and home renovation since then and can’t believe that three years is already passed. Our upcoming anniversary got us thinking about our wedding day and some of the amazing DIY wedding decor we put together to save money. Paying for your own wedding can be really expensive, so making some of your own wedding decor can be a huge cost saver. These projects all brought a unique aspect to our wedding and brought us together even more while we were building them before the wedding. So grab your partner and some materials and start making your own DIY wedding decor!

9 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas via Charleston Crafted

9 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

  1. Parking Sign– your guests may need a little help knowing where to park if your venue isn’t the only thing around. Make a simple sandwich board sign with your names or logo to let them know they are in the right spot.
    Wedding Parking Sign - Charleston Crafted
  2. Directional Sign– lots of times ceremonies and receptions are in two different parts of a venue. Make a directional sign to point them the right way, and add in some whimsical elements of places that are special to you, like your home towns or where you’re going for your honeymoon.
    Reception Decor Details - Charleston Crafted
  3. String Art Sign– everybody has a wedding hashtag nowadays. Stain a long piece of wood, then hammer out nails and string each letter together to make a huge string art sign with your personal wedding hashtag.
    Reception Decor Details - Charleston Crafted
  4. Bottle Cap Bar Sign– this one requires a little more planning, because you have to save bottle caps for awhile. Spell out the word “bar” in one color cap and surround it with another and glue them all onto a simple DIY wood backing. Just make sure you pick your favorite beers, because you have to drink a lot.
    #HereComesMcBride Cocktail Hour - Charleston Crafted
  5. Monkey Knot Place Cards– tie simple monkey knots around a marble and stick your place cards in each one. People then get a little takeaway favor and know where to go.
    Reception Decor Details - Charleston Crafted
  6. Wood Seating Chart– knowing where to sit though is a two part battle. You might also need to let people know where each table is, so make a wooden sign and draw your layout with table numbers so it’s easy to understand.
    Wedding Table Layout Seating Chart Sign - Charleston Crafted
  7. Table Numbers– make your table numbers fun and unique by using a photo of each of you from the age that corresponds with that table number. Table 3? A cute photo of each of you from when you were three years old.
    Reception Decor Details - Charleston CraftedReception Decor Details - Charleston Crafted
  8. Driftwood Cake Stand– wow your guests by making your own cake stand out of wood. If you live by the beach, you can use driftwood and can make it several tiers if you’re doing cupcakes.
    Reception Decor Details - Charleston Crafted
  9. Clay Animal Cake Toppers– top off your cake with something other than the “hilarious” bride dragging the groom away. Make clay models of your pets or something that is close to your heart.
    Reception Decor Details - Charleston Crafted

We also did our own save the dates, invitations, welcome packets, and programs to reduce cost as well, but doing your own wedding decor is the big savings. Hopefully this gave you some great DIY wedding decor ideas for your own special day. Let us know in the comments if you make anything!

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