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How to hang a Christmas tree on the wall with lights

Want to add a wall hanging Christmas tree to your space? Here is how to hang a Christmas tree on the wall with lights!

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Christmas decorations are such a fun way to make your home feel festive for the holiday season.

If you celebrate Christmas, a tree is a must. But, they can be expensive and take up a lot of space. So, a DIY wall Christmas tree might be a better bet if you don’t have the space or budget for a standard tree.

You can hang a lot of things on the wall to stand in as a Christmas tree – but today we are going to share how to hang a Christmas tree made out of lights on the wall!

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christmas tree made from lights on the wall

How to decide where to hang Christmas tree lights on the wall

When choosing where you hang your Christmas lights tree on the wall, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, is the purpose. If this is your main tree, you might want to hang it in the living room or wherever your family gathers.

If you want to use it as more of an extra decoration, consider where you have a big open wall. We hung our trees in an empty corner in our bedroom. It would be beautiful in an entryway, hallway, or dining room as well.

Finally, consider where your outlets are. The magical look of these wall mounted Christmas trees could easily be foiled by lots of long extension cords. Having them near an outlet is best.

Christmas garland tree on the wall

Alternative Christmas tree ideas

You can make these wall trees using lights or a pre-lit garland. The garland is a bit heavier – and does better with heavier duty clips – but gives you more of a lush, tree look.

We also did one of our three trees in the corner of the room. Zig-zagging the lights across the corner gave it a 3D look that is especially cool.

Christmas tree made from lights in the corner of a room

You can decorate the tree to match your style. We used ball style Christmas ornaments. But, you could also use small clips to hang Christmas cards from the string lights or garland!

DIY wall hanging christmas tree made from lights

How to make a wall Christmas tree with lights

It’s a really easy DIY project to hang a DIY Christmas tree on the wall with lights!

Supplies needed:

Christmas tree made from lights on the wall of a room

Steps to hang:

STEP 1: Measure and plan

Decide where you will put your Christmas tree or trees. Determine the finished height and width. Draw your design on paper and determine how many hooks you will need and where they will go.

measuring for command hook placement

STEP 2: Place the hooks

Measure your wall and attach command hooks according to your design.

You will want to start with the top, center hook at the mark for the center of the tree. Then, measure down and out and place hooks as you go.

Our tree is 6 feet tall and 36 inches wide and ends 1 foot above the ground. There are 6 rows of hooks (plus the top, center hook). Each row is 10″ apart and the hooks move out 3 inches each row.

Let the hooks set overnight.

hanging a command hook on the wall

STEP 3: Add lights or garland

Start with the female end of the light strand at the top of the tree. Carefully clip it into place. I find it easiest to use one hand to firmly hold the base of the hook to the wall while using the other hand to slide the cord of the string lights into the hook.

Repeat and weave your way down. You can adjust the tightness of the strand and the exact back-and-forth layout to properly accomodate your strand of lights.

hang christmas lights on the wall

STEP 4: Add a tree topper

Plug a tree topper into the top of the lights. Hang it from the top hook. Be sure that any excess wire is bundled with a twist tie.

You can add a small loop of string, wire, or even twist tie to the top or back of the topper to hang it from, if needed.

add a christmas tree topper to a wall christmas tree

STEP 5: Add ornaments

Decorate with ornaments as desired. I suggest smaller, light weight ornaments. You can also use clips to hang Christmas cards on the wires.

hang christmas ornaments on a wall christmas tree

See the full details on this project on the Home Depot Blog today!

how to hang christmas light trees on the wall

Be sure to hop over to the Home Depot blog to see all the details on this project and get the supplies you need to do it yourself!

Any questions about how to make a Christmas tree out of lights?

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