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How to make PVC Christmas trees

This post will show you how to make DIY Christmas trees from PVC pipes. This is a really fun project that totally customizable!

Do it yourself holiday projects are always a fun way to get creative and use new materials to make classic symbols.

We’ve made a lot of different wooden Christmas trees over the years, but we wanted to try to make a Christmas tree out of PVC pipe this year!

Last year, we made a pole Christmas tree with one long PVC pipe and string lights, but this time we wanted to make one where the structure was made from PVC.

A PVC Christmas tree is a great inexpensive project for this holiday season!

How to make PVC pipe Christmas trees - Charleston Crafted

PVC pipe Christmas trees

PVC pipes are an inexpensive material and can be cut down to make the shape of a Christmas tree.

PVC pipe Christmas trees are totally customizable to be big, small or anywhere in between.

We made a set of three PVC Christmas trees to display together. Here’s how to do it!

PVC pipe christmas trees before lights

How to make Christmas trees from PVC pipes

To make three PVC Christmas trees that each get slightly smaller, these are the materials you’ll need. If you only want to make one, you can divide these materials by three.

You can also scale up the size of your PVC Christmas tree to make one really big one, but you’ll need to draw that out beforehand.

Materials needed to make three DIY PVC Christmas trees:

Step one: Make cuts

Start by making all the cuts you’ll need for the three trees based on this table:

PiecesLarge TreeMedium TreeSmall Tree
(5) Trunks12″9″6″
(2) Bottom Branches18″15″12″
(2) Third Row Branches15″12″9″
(2) Second Row Branches12″9″6″
(2) Top Row9″6″3″
(2) Base12″12″12″
PVC pipes cut for Christmas tree

The best way to cut PVC is with a PVC cutter. This is an inexpensive tool that uses ratchet technology to put continuous pressure on the pipe with a blade until it cuts through.

My best tip here is to measure each measurement with a tape measure, but then make all subsequent cuts of the same length by just using the first piece you cut to measure it.

Cutting PVC pipe for Christmas tree

Step two: Assemble trees

Next, assemble the trees. The assembly is the same for each tree, so here’s how to do it.

Start by putting one Trunk piece into the 90 degree elbow with side outlet, then putting a cross on the other end.

Put the two Bottom Branch pieces into the sides of the cross and another Trunk piece into the top of the cross.

Assembling pipes for PVC Christmas tree

Now add another cross on top of that Trunk piece and continue until you have done four layers.

Finally, add the top trunk piece and the tee at the very top.

Go back down to the bottom and attach the two Base pieces into the other remaining holes on the bottom.

Assembled PVC Christmas trees before paint

Step three: Spray Paint

Next, spray paint your trees. We chose to do a green spray paint on the entire tree body and yellow spray paint on the very top tee fitting as the start.

We stood these up in the yard using stakes on top of a painting cloth and sprayed everything down, being aware of getting the underside of each pipe as well.

Spray painting PVC Christmas trees

Step four: Install in yard

Finally, set these up in your yard and stake them down again with the landscaping stakes.

If you want to take your PVC Christmas trees up a notch, wrap string lights around each tree.

Loop these back and forth on the branches and the trunk until you get to the top and loop back down the trunk. Connect all the trees together on the ground.

DIY PVC Christmas trees

PVC Christmas trees are a really fun and inexpensive holiday decor project!

The materials for PVC pipe trees don’t cost much and it is a quick project that you can build in just an afternoon.

PVC pipe trees with lights in yard

Before you go…

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How to make PVC pipe Christmas trees - Charleston Crafted

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