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101 in 1001: Take Sean to Get a Pedicure

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If you’re reading this post and you already want to take away my Man Card, fine, here it is (*metaphorically handing over a metaphoric card to you through the internet*). But it’s true. Morgan took me to get a pedicure. It has been on our 101 in 1001 list from the very beginning so we finally decided to do it, in preparation for our trip to Hawaii in two days. I’m just gonna put this out there- I liked it.

101 in 1001: Take Sean to get a Pedicure - Charleston Crafted

We headed over to Nail Palace, which is the little nail shop in the shopping center right next to our house. Morgan used to go there all the time and I’ve seen it 1,000,000 times but never set foot inside. We headed in and Morgan picked herself a nice toenail polish color aptly called “I Mainely Eat Lobster.” I opted for no polish. We’ll see if I regret that decision, but I’m thinking no.

101 in 1001: Take Sean to get a Pedicure - Charleston Crafted

We sat down and I realized that it was a massage chair as well! I was pleasantly surprised and my jitters all went away. Once I dipped my toesies in the hot water, my nerves melted away. I have pretty smooth feet all things considered and I’m positive that these ladies have seen much, MUCH worse, but I don’t usually put my feet on display, so I felt a little awkward. But that disappeared pretty quick.

101 in 1001: Take Sean to get a Pedicure - Charleston Crafted

It was an interesting process for sure. The nice lady trimmed and filed my toenails, cleaned up my cuticles and then went to work on my feet. Like I said, I have pretty smooth feet, but have calluses on the bottoms of my big toes from lots of running and basketball. She took a look at my toes and went to the back and came out with a literal cheese grater and took it to my dead big toe skin. It was odd and kind of tickled, but I liked it. Then she used some different sanding blocks across my whole foot, used a toothbrush thing on my nails and that was pretty much it… until the massage. Oh man, between the back massage that was already going on from the chair and then the leg and foot massage from her, I closed my eyes and could have fallen asleep.

101 in 1001: Take Sean to get a Pedicure - Charleston Crafted

So yeah, it was an odd experience, but it was certainly a welcome treat. I enjoyed it. Can’t say that I’ll be going to get pedicures very often or ever again, but shoot, it was nice and I don’t feel ashamed. And it’s another check off our 101 in 1001!

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