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101 in 1001

I love goals. Nothing gives me quite the satisfaction of crossing things off my list. Whether I’m at work or at the grocery or spending an evening being “productive” at home, I always have Post-its, note pads, and iPhone notes full of to-dos, to-buys, and to-decides. So, when I was introduced to Mackenzie Horan and her 101 in 1001, I was instantly smitten. I immediately told Sean that we were doing it and he replied, “I can think of 3.”

The concept is that you come up with 101 things, big or small, that you’d like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. That’s about 2.75 years.

Our list is divided a bit between Sean, myself, and things that we’d like to do together. We can’t wait to share as we cross them off, and hope that we can finish the list by June 22, 2016!

101 in 1001


  1. Learn to make tortillas from scratch
  2. Host a dinner party
  3. Go on a dinner cruise on the harbor (6/1/15)
  4. Have breakfast in bed (2/14/14)
  5. Eat dinner at Husk
  6. Eat dinner at The Ordinary (12/12/15)
  7. Eat dinner at The Grocery (12/2/13)
  8. Eat dinner at Kiawah (9/6/2014)
  9. Get veggies at the Farmer’s Market (7/23/14)
  10. Grill out at the pool (6/29/14)
  11. Can fresh jam (9/19/14)
  12. Make pickles (10/2015)
  13. Tour the Firefly distillery (3/1/14)
  14. Go to the Asian grocery store (2/2/2014)
  15. Eat the nutritionally recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables every day for a week
  16. Go 30 days without going out to eat (March 2014)
  17. Go a week without buying groceries (eat down the stockpile)

For the Home:

  1. Sell the condo (for a profit)
  2. Buy a house with a yard – 6/26/16
  3. Get the pots & pans long-term organized (March 2014)
  4. Plant a garden (6/23/14)
  5. Go overboard decorating for a holiday
  6. Paint a room pink! (10/30/13)
  7. Buy a sectional couch (7/18/2015)
  8. Redo the pantry (10/25/13)
  9. Redo the laundry room (11/3/13)
  10. Totally update & repurpose a piece of furniture from a thrift store (Sewing Table into Bar Table – May 2014)


  1. Go to Europe (April 2015)
  2. Visit Yellowstone Park (June 6-14, 2014)
  3. Visit a vineyard/winery (10/6/13)
  4. Take a cruise out of Charleston
  5. Go camping
  6. Visit the Biltmore Estate (12/28/15)
  7. Attend a College of Charleston vs. UNC Wilmington basketball game in Wilmington (Feb. 2014)

In Charleston:

  1. Attend a College of Charleston vs. UNC Wilmington basketball game in Charleston (1/22/14)
  2. Visit all of Charleston’s plantations
  3. Visit all of the Charleston County Parks
  4. Go on a ghost tour at the old jail (10/16/13)
  5. Go shagging on the pier (at Folly Beach)
  6. Go jet skiing in the harbor
  7. Tube down the Edisto River (June 2014)
  8. Go to a Charleston Battery soccer game (4/4/15)
  9. Go to a concert at Family Circle Cup Stadium 6/8/2016
  10. Go to a tennis match at Family Circle Cup (4/14/2014)
  11. Visit Fort Sumter
  12. Pick strawberries (5/1/16)
  13. Attend an event at Food and Wine Festival (3/16/14)
  14. Attend an event at Spoleto (7/15/15)
  15. Walk through the College of Charleston Cistern after the rain
  16. Take a romantic carriage ride through historical Charleston
  17. Have dinner on Bowens Island
  18. Walk on the beach at sunset (11/11/13)
  19. Watch the sunrise over the ocean (9/1/15)
  20. Go for a boat ride in Cypress Gardens
  21. Go to a Charleston Second Sunday
  22. Go to a club (10/31/15)


  1. Attend a tweet up
  2. Attend a blogging conference
  3. Make money blogging!
  4. Have the blog/condo featured on another blog
    1. Lamp Fail – Vintage Revivals, 11/21/13
    2. Driftwood table – A Bubbly Life, 2/1/14
    3. Weddingbee Featured Blogger 2014-2015
    4. yahoo news 8/2014
    5. Beer Cheese fondue 2014
    6. Best DIY Blogs in Charleston Budget Dumpster 2/11/2015
    7. Newton Custom Interiors 8/3/15
    8. DIY Weddings Magazine Fall 2015
    9. Halloween Costumes in Bustle Magazine October 2015
    10. Italian Street Foods – Huffington Post 11/6/15
  5. Take a photography class
  6. Set up an online boutique
  7. Get 10,000 page views in one day


  1. Complete a Olympic length triathlon (9/23/15)
  2. Attend a NFL game at a stadium I’ve never been to (Panthers Falcons 12/28/14)
  3. Attend a NHL game at a stadium I’ve never been to
  4. Attend a MLB game at a stadium I’ve never been to (Chicago Cubs 8/14/15)
  5. Get my Accreditation in Public Relations
  6. Coach a youth sports team
  7. Go for a 50 mile bike ride
  8. Buy something for myself I normally wouldn’t buy (11/6/2015)
  9. Buy something special for Morgan, just because (September 2015)
  10. Build a work station for porch
  11. Buy a round of golf for my dad and play with him 7/16
  12. Read a chick-lit book of Morgan’s choice (August 2014)
  13. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger (11/12/14)


  1. Pay off my student loans
  2. Make a t-shirt quilt
  3. Go to an estate sale
  4. Run a 10k
  5. Buy a sweetgrass basket
  6. Visit Amelia at UGA
  7. Set up an easel & paint a landscape
  8. Get a piece of Le Creuset cookware (March 2015)
  9. Buy something for myself I normally wouldn’t buy (November 2015)
  10. Buy something special for Sean, just because (Panthers Jersey 10/15/13)
  11. Go 30 days without drinking soda (March 2014)
  12. Learn to eat with chopsticks


  1. Send Christmas cards 12/2015
  2. Do 101 hours of community service
  3. Take Sean to get a pedicure! (4/4/16)
  4. Take a shag lesson
  5. Win a round of Trivia (10/21/14)
  6. Go to comedy at Theater 99 (3/23/16)
  7. Get married (4/11/2015)
  8. Make a zombie apocalypse survival kit (8/2015)
  9. Do a corn maze 10/6/13
  10. Go to a water park
  11. Try five churches and settle on one
  12. Visit 2 new dog parks
  13. Watch 10 movies that came out before we were born that we’ve never seen


Friday 14th of August 2015

Shouldn't #93 be crossed off? It's linked. :)


Friday 14th of August 2015

Thanks! Fixed :)


Monday 3rd of March 2014

I can help y'all cross off #41 EASILY. Nick and I go all the time with friends during the summer, usually on Saturdays so you have Sunday to recover ;). It's best if it hasn't rained too much. I'll call/text next time we plan on going (likely in May!).


Monday 3rd of March 2014

Yay! I'd love that!


Monday 17th of February 2014

I LOVE THIS! How awesome!


Monday 17th of February 2014

Thanks! It's a great way for us to stay motivated to check things off our bucket list!