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Wagner FURNO 500 Review

Interested in buying a Wagner FURNO 500 heat gun? Today we’re bringing you some of the most useful information you need to know about the Wagner FURNO 500 to help you make your purchase. We’ve included a lot, but let us know if there’s anything else you’d like answered in this Wagner FURNO 500 Review!

Wagner FURNO 500

Wagner FURNO 500 Heat Gun

The Wagner FURNO 500 heat gun is great for all sorts of DIY projects and home repairs. The heat control system allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks without worrying about overheating something.

What can you do with the FURNO 500?

The FURNO 500 has a ton of great uses. Our favorite is the capability to give wooden build projects a burned effect. The ability to give a light char to wood gives your projects a rustic vibe in a matter of minutes.

Using FURNO 500 on trough

The FURNO 500 is also good for melting crayons, removing paint, bending plastic, creating shrink wrap, thawing frozen pipes, remove stubborn stickers and so much more.

Scroll down for a few examples of projects we’ve done using the FURNO 500!

How does the FURNO 500 work?

What’s great about the FURNO 500 compared to other heat guns we’ve used is the variable temperature and fan speed control. The FURNO 500 has a temperature range of 150 degrees to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. You easily control the temperature with up and down buttons and can also control the fan speed with two different buttons.

FURNO 500 temperature control

To use the FURNO 500, set your temperature and fan speed (it comes with a handy guide for common projects and what setting you should use) and then move the gun’s tip slowly along the work area. Move in a slow, side to side motion to get the best results.

Adding wood burned effect with Wagner FURNO 500

The safest feature is the FURNO 500’s cool down function. When you’re done working, you simply hit the power button… but it doesn’t turn off! It switches to blowing cool air through the heat gun for several minutes to cool the unit down, then shuts itself off. It is super convenient and much safer. Since it stands up on its own, you don’t have to worry about it!

Wagner FURNO Series

Wagner has three different heat guns in the FURNO series, allowing you to choose your price point and what level of output you need. We think that the 500 is a great option, right in the middle, with tons of versatility and is very user-friendly.

Burning wood beads

Would you recommend the FURNO 500?

Short answer- definitely. It depends on what you need, but we really like it. It is very user friendly and has tons of uses. We love the effect we can put on wood, but also like doing crafts with it. The price point is good too, making it easy to try without too much investment.

Hopefully this Wagner FURNO 500 review helps you make your decision!

Wagner FURNO 500 Projects

Here's a few projects we've done using the Wagner FURNO 500. These are simple builds that you can do in a couple of hours. Adding the wood-burned effect adds a rustic feel to any piece and can really help your decor choices.

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