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Tips and Tricks for a Charleston RiverDogs Game

The Charleston RiverDogs season is almost over, but you can still get in to the last few games. We’ve been going for years now, and during that time we’ve learned several tips and tricks for a Charleston RiverDogs game. So, when you’re preparing for a night with friends and family, keep these in mind to make your experience even better!

Tips and Tricks for a Charleston RiverDogs Game - Charleston Crafted

  1. Buy tickets in advance– you can order tickets online and print them at home, but they charge you a fee. Consider going to the park the day before a game and buying them, where you’ll get a $1 off for buying more than 24 hours in advance. Plus, the lines for tickets on Thursday-Saturday or any special game are terribly long, so this will save you lots of time. Also, you can order tickets and pick them up at Will Call where the line is always short.
  2. Get an alcohol wristband first– did you know that you have to have a wristband to buy alcohol? You can’t purchase unless you have been ID’d and given a wristband at the special booths. There are two inside the stadium and also one on the corner of the road across the street for the stadium. Don’t wait in line for a beer and then find out you need the wristband.
  3. $1 beer every day at Hot Dog World– speaking of beer, did you know that $1 beers aren’t just on Thirsty Thursdays? You can get a $1 beer any day of the week at Hot Dog World, where you can also choose your toppings for a Homewrecker. Bonus tip- if you just want beer and no food, buy 24 ounce beers from the people with carts and you don’t have to wait in long lines, but they are cash only.
  4. Use the bathrooms on the second floor– the bathrooms on the main level are much bigger, but that’s where everyone goes. People often don’t know that there are some bathrooms on the second level. Plus, that’s where I had my Bill Murray encounter…
  5. Buy tickets on the first base line– these seats are out of the blazing sun and you sit in cool, refreshing shade. Seats down the third base line have a great sunset view, but is saving an extra $2 for general admission seating worth sitting for the first two hours of a game sweating your butt off? Sections 201-205 are the best.
  6. Shoeless Joe Hill– at the end of the first base side, near the outfield, is a big sand area for your kids to play in. Adults can stand around and let their kids play with other kids while you watch the game from field level and it costs nothing.
  7. Avoid Friday and Saturday nights– I understand that this is often when you have the most free time, but these games are always super crowded and lines are crazy long. Food takes a long time and you end up missing multiple innings sometimes. Go during the week when the deals are better and the crowd isn’t there.
  8. Sign up for activities– sign up for activities or to wish someone a special message on the video board by going to the Guest Services Booth at the top of the main stairs. For a small donation, you can wish someone happy birthday or get your kids into on-field games.

So get out there and enjoy a Charleston RiverDogs game! They are a great activity for all ages and baseball and hot dogs go hand-in-hand  with summer!

What’s your best tip for a RiverDogs game?

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