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Thank You, Thank You Very Much

One thing that I have always been a stickler on is thank you notes. I like to write them early and often. I have heard that you have a year after a wedding to send a note – but in our case, we are getting an early jump on them.

How to write wedding thank you notes - Charleston Crafted

I know that some people have trouble coming up with what to say. My mom always taught me to say what they gave you, what you will do with it, and that you hope to see them again soon. Here’s an example:

Dear Aunt Sally,

Thank you so much for coming to the wedding shower! It was so great to see you and Uncle Buck. Also, thank you for the serving platter. We look forward to hosting many parties and will surely put this to use! I can’t wait to see you at the wedding – bring your dancing shoes!

We are writing all thank you notes as the gifts come in. I have a basket on our desk where I keep cards and envelopes, as well as our return address stamp. We write the thank yous for almost every gift (except for gifts from the showers!) the same day that we receive them.

Our system is, if they were from your “side,” you write the thank you. Our guests and gifts are split about 50/50, so this works out well. I always like to get thank you notes from the member of the couple that I am more connected to (IE if I went to college with you, I’d rather get a thank you note from you than your fiancee.) However, we both sign all of the cards, and the non-writer writes something more than just their name.

After the shower in Cary, we had over thirty thank you notes to write! I had grand plans of writing them in the car, but we ended up driving back after dark, so that didn’t work out. However, I divided up the list into smaller chunks and still had the notes out within three days after the party. It was so important to me not to get a backlog!

We mailed out all of the shower gift thank you notes as soon as they were completed. However, we are treating the wedding gift thank you notes a little differently. Sean has a pet peeve that he doesn’t like getting wedding gift thank you notes before the actual wedding. I don’t mind it, but I understand his peeve. So, for wedding gifts that are mailed to us prior to the wedding, we write the thank you note that same day, seal it, stamp it, and place it in a box on our desk. On the morning of the wedding (!) Sean’s plan is to take the box of thank you notes from the condo and drop them all off at the mailbox on his way to the hotel. The notes may even beat some of our guests home.

Any gifts that we receive at the wedding will have thank you notes written when we return from our honeymoon. So, we will have a bit of work to do, but not too much. I can’t imagine saving them all until then.

We are so lucky to have such generous friends and family. A thank you note enough isn’t enough to express our gratitude. We are truly fortunate!

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