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Little Updates in the New House

We’ve been working on lots of big projects recently like finishing up our master bathroom makeover and having walls taken down downstairs, but we also have been doing some small projects. If they might not be “blog worthy” on their own, we like to roll them all up together for a fun Friday post. Here are some recent little updates:
Diaper Bag as a Rag Bag in the Kitchen - Charleston Crafted

I have been having a hard time adjusting to having the laundry room so far away (IE on a different floor) from our kitchen. We primarily use cloth rags and napkins and I was piling them on the floor every day until they could be carried upstairs to the wash. Hats off to my friend that suggested this diaper bag (in an anchor print!) that I have hanging inside our pantry. It’s made of a waterproof material and I am able to stuff in dirty rags and napkins and then easily carry it up on laundry day. Winning!

Silver Anchor Door Knocker - Charleston Crafted

We are planning a full front door makeover once the weather cools down, but I was too excited about this anchor door knocker not to go ahead and hang it. Isn’t it fun?

Updating Beige Light Switches - Charleston Crafted

We are starting swapping out all of our beige outlets for crisp white ones. It’s a slow process (and we are just being lazy about it – it’s not hard at all) but I ordered switches, outlets, and outlet covers in bulk on Amazon so at least it is very inexpensive.

Tree Trimming - Charleston Crafted

Tree Trimming - Charleston Crafted

We have had a few major storms around here lately and that really knocked some limbs down in our yard. In an effort to triage the situation, Sean borrowed a tree trimmer and cleaned up a lot of dead limbs and branches. He even got on the roof!

Garage Pegboard - Charleston Crafted

Our garage is looking like a hoarding mess at the moment between projects in progress and things that we have moved due to the construction, but Sean was really excited to finally add some pegs to the existing pegboard. All of his tools were just piled on top of his work table and looked a mess. I love organization so I am digging it as well!

Have a great weekend!

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