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How to Repair Deep Gouges in Wood Furniture with VIDEO!

Raise your hand if all the furniture in your house is in pristine condition. Didn’t think so. Every piece of furniture has dings and blemishes in it.

Whether it’s a piece we’re going to refurbish or one we already have, we are always in need of long-term solutions how to fix gouges in wood furniture.

That’s when we found Mohawk Products. Their line of consumer touch up and repair products has been great for us with fixing gouges and damage in wood furniture.

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture

A few years ago, we scored a great deal on two Campaign side table dressers. We refinished them and they look amazing.

However, some time in the last two years the corner has chipped off of one of the dresser drawers.

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted

The drawer can sometimes get off it’s track and the corner bangs into the campaign hardware, which is what chipped the drawer front.

We haven’t known how to fix it so we’ve just left it.

This is where our first experience with Mohawk Products came in. We didn’t want to use flimsy wood filler or drippy two-part epoxy to try to fix this spot.

Luckily, Mohawk has an awesome Epoxy Putty Stick that was perfect for this job.

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted

How to use epoxy putty

With the Epoxy Putty Stick, you can cut off exactly the amount of material you need for your furniture blemish. 

I removed the silver cap, cut off what we needed and replaced the cap to keep it fresh.

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted

Then with the part that was cut off, I molded it in my hand to activate the epoxy inside.

Then, I simply shaped the putty into the corner of the dresser where I needed it to be and then smoothed it out. 

How to fix a missing chunk of wood

You want to fill the gouge without too much excess. You can use a putty knife to get it smooth or just use your fingers.

Unlike wood putty and wood filler that shrinks, epoxy putty holds its shape even after it dries.

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted
How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted

The putty was dry completely by morning and like a new corner. 

The Epoxy Putty Stick comes in a range of colors depending on the wood you’re fixing.

Since we had a blue piece of furniture, we opted to use the white color, but needed to now match it to the rest of the dresser.

We could have painted it, but we long ago got rid of the paint from this project.

Luckily, we used another Mohawk product called the Ultra Mark.

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted

The Ultra Mark is a wood stain marker that allows you to touch up chips, scratches or dinged edges.

Luckily, there are approximately 957 colors of the Ultra Mark, so we were able to select the Royal Blue Ultra Mark which very closely resembled the color of the dresser. 

We were able to match the wood surrounding the epoxy really well, and using the pen is super easy and quick drying.

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted


Wood gouge repair sounds really scary, but it is actually an easy process if you have the right materials!

You can’t even tell that the dresser used to have a chipped corner. The repaired spot really blends in with the surrounding wood!

The Epoxy Putty and Ultra Mark from Mohawk Products really helped make this project a breeze.

This method worked well on this large damaged area and can also be used on deep scratches and dings!

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted

Mohawk has tons of great repair products for wood, leather, fabric and metal and we’re excited to try out some more around the house!

How to Fix Gouges in Wood Furniture - Charleston Crafted

How do you fix gouges in wood?

To fix gouges in wood, you will need to fill the dent or hole. While you can use any type of wood filler, we prefer to use an epoxy stick because of its extremely hard and durable finish.

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This project was sponsored by Mohawk Products. All opinions are our own and our opinion is that we love working with Mohawk Products products! The post also contains affiliate links to their products, meaning if you click over, we get an itsy bitsy percentage. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charleston Crafted possible!

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