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Frame TV Christmas Art Ideas

Looking to add a festive touch into your living space this Christmas? Elevate the holiday spirit with the best Samsung Frame TV Christmas art ideas!

We adore our Frame TV for seamlessly integrating with our home decor, transforming the conventional television into a captivating piece of art.

One of the best parts of having a Frame tV is the ability to switch up the display to feature different art seasonally. I love changing out our art to coordinate with our holiday decor!

With Christmas approaching, let’s explore some magical Christmas Frame TV art ideas! And, be sure to download our free Christmas Frame TV watercolor art collection!

Adding seasonal art to your Frame TV is a breeze – simply purchase artwork from platforms like Etsy, download it, transfer it to the Samsung app, and voilà, your TV is adorned with festive cheer.

Check out our complete guide on how to upload art to your Frame TV!

For those on a budget, we’ll also share some free options that might require a bit of resizing or formatting but are equally awesome.

Tips for Displaying Art on your Frame TV

Here are some handy tips for showcasing art on your Frame TV:

Mat vs. No Mat

Consider whether to use a mat or not with each new piece of art. Experiment with different mat thicknesses, styles, and colors to find what complements your festive vision.

I typically prefer no mat for a clean look, but especially if you have a larger TV, it can look great with the right piece!

free christmas art on a samsung frame tv

Adjusting Settings

After experimenting with mats, play around with settings like brightness, contrast, and color to enhance your artwork and make it seamlessly blend into your holiday decor.

In general, I like to turn the brightness down a bit to make it look less like a screen. But, it’s important for you to see what works best in your actual space!

Christmas Art Ideas for the Frame TV

When looking for art for your Frame TV, look for pictures that include elements like:

  • Festive Snowflakes
  • Christmas Tree Forest
  • Gingerbread Houses
  • Vintage Holiday Ornaments
  • Cozy Fireplace
  • Winter Wonderland
  • DIY Custom Art (Use the Frame TV app to turn any photo into art.)
free christmas art on a samsung frame tv

Free Christmas Art Ideas for the Frame TV

Explore these free Frame TV Christmas art ideas:

We also have created a set of FREE Winter Frame TV art for you! Click here or use the image below to download the free Frame TV art!

christmas frame tv free art mock up

Paid Christmas Art Ideas for the Frame TV

For those willing to invest a bit, here are some Christmas art ideas available for purchase:

Etsy Artwork

Etsy has TONS of options for Christmas Frame TV art, most of which just costs a couple of dollars. Here are some of my favorites!

free christmas art on a samsung frame tv

Samsung Art Store

Subscribe to the Samsung Art Store for unlimited access to a large collection of art. The price is perfect for those who enjoy changing artwork frequently, and don’t want to one-off buy new art all of the time.

Experiment with these Christmas art pieces, whether free or purchased, and make your Frame TV a beautiful focal point of your holiday celebrations.

Get creative, switch things up, and let your Frame TV reflect the joyous spirit of the season!

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Want more free art for your Frame TV? Be sure to check out our list of the best places to get FREE art for a Samsung Frame TV!

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