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DIY Pet Bunk Bed

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Our pets absolutely love each other. They have been snuggling for as long as they’ve been together. Our cat can often be found snuggled up in our dog’s bed when she’s not around too. Our cat also loves to be up high.

So, in an effort to keep our pets close together and provide the cat with a perch for when she wants to be up high, we designed a DIY pet bunk bed that is perfect for your pets to share.

DIY Pet Bunk Bed

A bunk bed for your pets

This is actually a really simple project. It involves just building two platforms and attaching them with four posts.

There’s also not much wood involved. Just a few pieces of dimensional lumber and plywood and you’ll have a bunk bed in an afternoon.

You also don’t need a lot of tools for this project. A table saw or circular saw and a drill are really all you need.

I’d recommend putting this together with a Kreg jig to increase stability, but you can also just use nails to nail the borders together and drill a deck screw into the posts to keep them in place instead of using pocket holes.

We’ve got the full plans on how to build this DIY pet bunk bed available for FREE to you. Simply download the PDF and be off to the races.

We finished the bunk bed off with stain and sewed two cushions. You can also buy cushions or just put a dog bed and cat bed from the store on the platforms.

DIY Pet Bunk Bed

We used the stain color Dark Walnut for this project, but be sure to check out our master guide where we tested ten different wood stains on five types of wood to help pick which stain you want to use for this project!

If you choose to seal this project with a sealant, check out our tips on how to seal stained wood.

DIY Pet Bunk Bed - Free Woodworking Plans

So make sure to download the FREE PDF plans for the pet bunk beds today and give your furry friends an awesome place to snooze!

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