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13 DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

Want to add a bench to your porch or patio? Here are a ton of tutorials + woodworking plans for how to build DIY outdoor benches!

A bench can serve a lot of purposes in the yard – it could pair with a dining table, be seating in a garden, hold potted plants, or even just create interest in an otherwise blank and boring space.

Whether you want to save money or just build something completely custom, building an outdoor bench can be a great idea.

Today we are excited to share a ton of step by step tutorials and woodworking plans for DIY outdoor benches that you can build!

13 diy outdoor benches

DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

Check out these tutorials for outdoor benches you can build yourself!

DIY Outdoor bench ideas

Check out all of these ideas for doable DIY outdoor benches - with step by step tutorials and woodworking plans!

Where would you like to add a bench in your yard?

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