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17 easy DIY Console Table Ideas

Want to build a DIY console table? Here are a ton of ideas, step by step tutorials, and PDF woodworking plans to get you started!

I love a good console table. They can fit into so many spaces in your home – even a narrow, awkward space – and can instantly make it more functional and beautiful.

Uses for a console table

Console tables are basically just skinny tables.

Console tables can fit anywhere where you have a narrow space that needs a piece of furniture to define it or make it more functional. My favorite spots for a console table include:

  • As an entryway table
  • In a wide hallway
  • At the top of a flight of stairs
  • Behind a couch (AKA as a sofa table)
  • In a dining room in lieu of a buffet table
  • Under a television
  • In a bathroom to hold toilet paper or towels

What is the average size of a console table?

The great thing about building a DIY console table is that you can design it to fit your exact space and personalized needs.

A console table is typically 2-4 feet long, 2-3 feet tall, and up to 18 inches deep.

The larger your room, the larger you should build your console table. In a narrow hallway, go for a very narrow table. If you need more surface area, add a lower shelf for storage!

Sofa tables are typically the length of the sofa. Console tables under TVs are typically at least 12″ wider than the TV (measured width-wise, not the diagonal measurement sold on TV boxes).

17 easy diy console tables

How to build a console table

All you really need to build a console table is a tabletop and legs, probably 4 legs.

You can build these from scratch (check out lots of console table plans below) but if you want a DIY project without any woodworking, consider buying table legs and just attaching them to a top!

You can purchase metal or wooden legs on Amazon or at many hardware stores.

Just screw them into wood pieces for a top. Or use something unique like an old window or door!

If you want a more elaborate project, you can build a console table from scratch and even add drawers or doors for more of a cabinet type look.

Console Table PDF Plans

We have a few PDF printable woodworking plans for console tables!

DIY Console Table Ideas

Want to build a console table for your home? Check out these amazing ideas including step by step tutorials, how to videos, and PDF woodworking plans to show you exactly how to build a console table!

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