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Can I use plywood for a countertop?

Yes, you can use plywood for a countertop!

Plywood makes a really beautiful countertop, actually.

We have a DIY plywood counter in our laundry room.

DIY Plywood Countertop via Charleston Crafted

You have a few options for using plywood for a countertop. Our suggestion is stacking two pieces of 3/4″ plywood (with wood glue in between) for a thicker look. You can use any kind of plywood.

DIY Plywood Concrete Modern Desk - Charleston Crafted

We opted to leave our edges raw (I like the striped look) but you could also add iron on edge banding if you prefer.

DIY Plywood Countertop via Charleston Crafted

If your plywood is going to be near water, you are going to want to seal it very well. You will want a topical sealant like polyurethane or varnish to fully wrap and protect the wood from moisture.

DIY Plywood Countertop via Charleston Crafted

Seal all exposed sides of the plywood if you seal the top – including the bottom. This will help to prevent cracking or curling.

If you want to cut on the countertop, use mineral oil or butcher block wax. Something marked “food safe”.

how to make cheap and stylish plywood counter tops

I hope that this helps you to decide if you want plywood countertops!

Be sure to read this post about what size plywood you should use to make your plywood counter tops.

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