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A Great Gift: DIY Map Heart Art

Here’s how to make a thoughtful gift of a map cut out in the shape of a heart for your loved one!

I love buying people presents, but the crafter in me also loves to make people things. I was recently pinspired by this, this, and this.

I decided to make 2 of my own versions- one for Sean & one for my little sister, Caroline.

Heart Art Supplies-Charleston Crafted

How to make a shadowbox map heart

First, I gathered my supplies. I grabbed a shadowbox frame ($8, walmart) and a 3 picture frame ($3, walmart). I picked up a map of North Carolina & South Carolina for free at AAA.

I also used a pack of “earth tones” cardstock, clear elmers glue, and a fine tipped sharpie that I already owned.

Step one: cut heart template

To start, I took a piece of scrap cardboard and cut it to the size of one of the holes in the triple picture frame. I folded it in half, traced half a heart, & cut it out. I unfolded it and adjusted a few times until I got it just right.

See, I just used a piece of scrap packaging cardboard!

Heart Art-Charleston Crafted

Step two: trace heart on map

Then I layed my heart stencil on the parts of the map that I wanted to feature in my project.

I gently traced the design with a pencil and then cut the rectangles out of the map and trimmed up to the pencil line to get the heart shape. I used a white eraser to gently erase any stray pencil marks.

Step three: create frames

For my sister’s collage, I used the 3 picture frame. I cut three pieces of beige cardstock to the size of the picture holes.

I laid her 3 map hearts onto the spots and used the sharpie to write the words “home is where the heart is.” For her hearts, I chose Boone (where our mountain house is), Cary (where our parents live & we grew up), and Columbia (where she goes to college.)

I used clear elmers glue to stick her hearts down. A glue stick might have been better for this thin paper, but I was careful to use very thin lines.

Sean’s frame was a shadow box so I wanted to make his heart a little different.

I cut out Charleston using the same stencil, then folded it in half & got a sharp crease. I then used elmers glue on the crease only and glued it to the grey cardstock for his frame.

I used a piece of cardboard to firmly press the seam of the glued heart into the cardstock and then gently fluffed out the sides. I also used the sharpie to write “I left my heart in Charleston.”

Heart Art-Charleston Crafted

DIY map heart art

These map art projects are a great way to show your loved one you are thinking about them. They are a great gift especially for someone that is moving away or that wants a reminder of home.

Plus, to this day, they still look great in a corner gallery wall!

Heart Art-Charleston Crafted

Do you use maps as art in your home?

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