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7 Things to do the Week Before Moving

Moving can be so incredibly stressful. In order to help unload some of that stress, it is important to do as much as possible in advance. Here are seven things that you can do the week before moving to make the process go smoothly!

7 Things to do the Week Before Moving - Charleston Crafted

  1. Take photos of your old place – if you haven’t packed up yet, go around and take some “final” photos of your old home. It sounds sentimental, but they can be really sweet to look back on later.
  2. Change your address and set up a mail forward with the Post Office – You don’t want to miss out on any important mail, especially if someone else will be moving in to your old place right away. In the USA, this is really simple. Here is the form!
  3. Purchase a new lock or book a locksmith – you never know who the previous tenants might have given a key to. The first thing that we always do before even moving in is change the locks. It’s a really simple DIY (all you need is a screwdriver!), but you can always hire it out.
  4. Schedule any maintenance or repairs that need to be done before moving in – if you are buying a place, you might know that you need a new AC unit or fresh carpets. It is much easier to get this type of project done before your furniture is in place. Schedule that now!
  5. Scheduler movers, book a moving truck, or go ahead and ask friends to schedule some time to help! You don’t want to wait until the last minute and find out the trucks are all booked or your friends made other plans.
  6. Gather moving boxes – you’re going to need a lot. Here are our favorite places to score free boxes!
  7. Get packed up! Packing is the worst but try to do it over the course of a week, going room by room. Label everything carefully to make the unloading process less painful!

What are your biggest tips for the week before a big move? 

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Kelley @ Coastal Kelder

Tuesday 9th of May 2017

We literally start packing our house tonight to move - perfect timing for this post!

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