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6 MUST HAVE yard tools for the new homeowner

Just bought your first home with a yard and spring is around the corner? Here’s the six yard tools you are going to need to get before you can do anything!

I got EXTREMELY lucky when we moved into our first house in that the very same weekend we moved IN, my dad was moving OUT of his house.

What was lucky about it is that he had been accumulating tools and equipment for over 20 years at our old house and was moving somewhere he would no longer need any of it.

So he gave me first dibs at taking anything I needed from the shed.

As a new homeowner, I was not looking forward to the immediate large expenses of buying things to take care of our new yard. I was extremely lucky.

But the reality is that I would have had to purchase tools if that situation hadn’t arisen. So my number one piece of advice for yard care tools is to see if you can get any hand-me-downs.

If not, thrift stores are full of things like shovels, rakes, hedge trimmers, etc. Don’t feel ashamed to get an old tool if you need it immediately and then upgrade when you have the chance.

If you’ve never had a yard before, you’ll quickly see that any tools you use in the yard will immediately become dirty and dinged up. So, you really don’t need new tools, you just need ones that still have plenty of life in them.

With that, here are what I have learned to be the 6 must have yard tools for the new homeowner.

6 MUST HAVE yard tools for the new homeowner - Charleston Crafted

Yard tools for the new homeowner

Here’s the tools you’re going to want this spring.

Lawn mower

If you have grass, a lawn mower will be your most immediate need, especially if no one has been living in the house for a while and let the yard go.

This is probably the tool that has the most potential to be crazy expensive, so try to get one cheap, or make friends with your new neighbor for a few months. You can find totally decent new lawn mowers for not that much either.


Trees=leaves. A lot of leaves. If you have trees, you’ll need a rake.

These are cheap and will go a long way. Even if you have a leaf blower, you’ll still need a rake to put the finishing touches on.

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Any plants to water? Any tools to clean? Any buckets to fill?

Every new homeowner needs a hose. This is a spot I learned from seeing my dad’s hoses over the years of my childhood that you should spend a few extra dollars to get a solid hose that won’t crack and kink.

Cheap hoses are everywhere, but you’ll end up buying seven of them over time. If you are going to buy one, make sure you make it worthwhile.

Weed whacker

I never really knew the need for a weed whacker until I started mowing the grass in my yard and couldn’t get right up next to the fence. Guess we didn’t have that problem at my house growing up.

If you want your yard to look pristine all the way up to the fence line, get a weed whacker.

Post hole digger

This is such a smart invention. If you need to dig perfectly round, smaller holes, like for planting bulbs or putting in fence posts or any structure, use a post hole digger. These quickly cut through the dirt and give you a perfect hole.

Wrecking bar

Without a wrecking bar, it would like have taken me at least five times as long to dig out the 14 scraggly bushes around our old house that I dug up on our property.

This heavy piece of steel has a spade on one end and a poker on the other. Its weight easily breaks up roots and makes it easy to pry up old stumps and roots.

What else have you found you needed since moving into your home?

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