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3 DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

Looking to mix it up a little bit from the standard star or angel on top of your Christmas tree this year? In the last few years, we’ve made 3 DIY Christmas tree toppers that can be easily replicated and give you a new look on your tree.

Plus, we have another one coming out tomorrow! If you’re setting up your tree this week and want to mix it up, here’s an easy way to do it!

3 DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

DIY Christmas Tree Toppers - Charleston Crafted

Flock of Birds Tree Topper

Go natural by adding some birds on a pick to a styrofoam cone. These are super cheap at Michael’s and look like a beautiful flock on top of your tree!

DIY Flock of Birds Christmas Tree Topper - Charleston Crafted

Driftwood Starburst Tree Topper

This one is a little more difficult if you don’t live by a shoreline, but if you do, go grab a bunch of six inch pieces of driftwood and glue them to a clear plastic orb in a starburst formation and you’ll love it.

DIY Drift Wood Star Burst Tree Topper - Charleston Crafted

Big Bow Tree Topper

Grab a big roll of your favorite ribbon and tie a huge elaborate bow with long tendrils to drape down the tree. This carries your eye up and down the tree and ties it all together!

Coastal Christmas Tree - Charleston Crafted

Remember, stay tuned tomorrow for another awesome DIY Christmas Tree Topper that you can try out! There are lots of ways to change your look from year to year and a DIY Christmas tree topper is easy!

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