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101 in 1001: Gift for No Reason

Morgan really likes presents. She loves getting presents, but she actually takes great pride in her ability to give great, thoughtful presents. That’s why we decided to put giving a gift to each other for no reason on our 101 in 1001 list. She’s always been so good to me, just like when she gave me a Panthers jersey for no reason.
I wanted to give her something very thoughtful and out of the blue too. We got several pieces of Le Creuset cookware from our wedding registry and Morgan loves it. We chose the color “Caribbean” to be our signature look in cookware and it really does look nice with the color scheme in our kitchen already. One thing that Morgan has made comments about on several occasions was wanting the spoon rest from Le Creuset. I had been wanting to get it for her, so I found it on Amazon. I also ordered the one quart utensil holder for us to display some of our nicer spoons that we got from our registry as well. We just finished doing the “Four Drawers in Four Days” challenge and needed to fix our utensil drawer and I thought this would help.
But I didn’t want to just hand her a bag and say, “happy random present day!” So I made a little scavenger hunt for her for when she got home from work. There was a note and a clue on the front door and eight clues throughout the house that led her to two hiding spots where the presents were.
Gift for No Reason - Charleston Crafted
Gift for No Reason - Charleston Crafted
Gift for No Reason - Charleston Crafted
She was really happy with the new additions to our Le Creuset collection. She’s dying to be able to put them on display when we have a china cabinet in our home one day.
Gift for No Reason - Charleston Crafted
It really is fun to give people presents out of the blue. It makes them feel special, like you were thinking of them for no reason in particular. Try it out sometime. It doesn’t have to be something big, but the thought will count.
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