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RAWR! A Scary Monster Halloween Wreath

This week we are celebrating Halloweek here at Charleston Crafted! Check in every day to see how we are decorating and baking for one of my favorite holidays!

I love Halloween and I love decorating for it! I saw this on pinterest and was inspired to try it on my own take on it! I went to Walmart to gather the supplies I needed:

Lime green tulle – 100 yards

a foam wreath form

two foam balls

One sheet of white craft foam

Too bad Walmart had literally none of these things. After asking three people for help, I was finally able to find (myself) 25 yard rolls of tulle in pink, purple, or blue. I really wanted green but settled for blue.

Then, I couldn’t find the foam hoop or balls. Sigh. I settled for a straw wreath and some cute ping pong balls with red eyeballs on it from the Halloween section.

After I came home and looked at it, I decided that I really didn’t want to use the straw wreath. So, I made the twenty minute trek to Michaels where they had dozens of foam wreaths in a variety of sizes.

I finally got home and sat down in front of the TV to get this sucker started. I started by cutting the tulle. I ended up making two different lengths- one about 9 inches and one about 12 inches.

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

I then took a strand and tied it in a simple double knot around the wreath.

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

I alternated between shorter and longer strands, to give it more depth.

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

Then, I just tied and tied and tied. I worked on this while watching tv, but it took on and off about two hours. Way longer than I anticipated.

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

I squished and squished the tulle strands into the wreath. I shoved them as close together as possible.

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

This is how it looked in the end. I fluffed it up and trimmed any extra-long sticky-outy pieces.

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

Next was time for accessories. I picked up these eyeballs at the dollar store – spooky! I also cut some triangles out of white foam for scary teeth.

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

I used hot glue to attach the accessories to the wreath. It turned out totally adorable!

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

We also taped up some creepy crawlers to make Sean’s front door complete!  Rawr!

Making a Tulle Wreath - Charleston Crafted

How are you decorating for Halloween?

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