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Projects We’ve Made from Roadside Scraps

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DIY doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve done a number of projects from scraps of wood and other materials that we found on the side of the road. These projects are so much fun, because we often have the idea that we’re going to work on a project in a while, but then see the scraps that are perfect for it and it moves to the top of the list. These projects end up being mostly free, often just requiring screws or nails that we have on hand. Plus, it keeps stuff out of the landfill!

Project’s We’ve Made from Roadside Scraps

Projects We've Made from Roadside Scraps - Charleston Crafted

  • Iron and Wood Bench– We found a rusted out, broken seat bench and took it apart, throwing away most of the wood, cutting new wood slats, and painting the iron and wood. The bench looks brand new!
    Upcycling an Old Bench - Charleston Crafted
  • Raised Garden Beds– we found 4″x4″ post scraps in one yard and old 2″x10″s in another and used them to build raised beds for our beautiful flowers.
    DIY Raised Flower Bed Garden via Charleston Crafted
  • Wood Slice Lazy Susan– after a hurricane, we found some great wood slices and, after sanding and sealing, simply added a heavy duty lazy susan attachment to the underside of one to make a great addition to our dining table.
    DIY Wood Slice Lazy Susan Tutorial - Charleston Crafted
  • Trash Can Hider– we just made this a few weeks ago and it’s the perfect storage solution for hiding our trash and recycling and was basically made entirely from scraps we got after someone made a new fence in their yard.
    Simple DIY Way to Hide Your Trash Cans - Charleston Crafted
  • Canoe Stand– found an extra long pallet outside my office after they moved in new cubicle walls last year and used it to build a raised canoe stand to go behind our fence.
    DIY Canoe Stand - Charleston Crafted
  • Screened Porch Bamboo Dining Set– we found an outdoor dining set by the curb that looked amazing aside from needing cushions and a table top, so we easily added those and have a beautiful dining space now!
    An Inexpensive Alternative to a Glass Tabletop on an Outdoor Table - Charleston Crafted

We’re always on the lookout for good stuff on the side of the road that we can give new life to! Let us know if you do the same thing!

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