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Our 7 Favorite Driftwood Projects

We live at the beach, y’all, so driftwood is free an abundant on our coastline. We love making driftwood projects to grace our home to give us coastal, but not beachy, decor. We’ve made a lot of driftwood projects over the years, going back to when all we had was a drill and a handsaw, showing that you can do anything. Today, we’ve pulled together our favorite driftwood projects to inspire you!

Our 7 Favorite Driftwood Projects

Our 7 Favorite Driftwood Projects - Charleston Crafted

Coffee Table

DIY Driftwood Coffee Table - Charleston Crafted

This driftwood coffee table was one of our first big DIY projects. We literally only had a drill and a handsaw when we put it together and we still made it look beautiful and hold up strong. Shoot, I’m writing this post on the driftwood coffee table right now.

Cupcake Stand

Reception Decor Details - Charleston Crafted

Our driftwood cupcake stand from our wedding was almost more of a focal point than we were. People asked us about it all night. We spent a long time making all the different layers to hold up the wood slice trays and it turned out amazing.

Candle Holder

DIY Driftwood Candle Centerpiece- Charleston Crafted

This simple driftwood candle holder was basically a mini version of the cupcake stand, where we angled the wood together to make it stand and glued on small wood discs to hold tea candles.

Starburst Mirror

DIY Starburst Driftwood Mirror - Charleston Crafted

We repurposed an ugly mirror with a maroon frame by hot gluing on small sticks of driftwood in a starburst pattern around the outside. It looks stunning now and is the last thing we see when we leave the house each day.


Driftwood Sailboat Coastal Mantel via Charleston Crafted

We made simple sailboats out of two sticks of driftwood and triangles of scrap cloth to make cute coastal decor for our our mantle.

Angel Tree Topper

DIY Driftwood Angel Tree Topper - Charleston Crafted

If you’re already planning your Christmas decor, this driftwood angel tree topper is a simple DIY attention grabber that will watch over you all season long.

Air Plant Planter

DIY Driftwood Air Plant Planter - Charleston Crafted

We recently found a great big piece of driftwood that we drilled holes into to hold air plants on top of our dresser. It looks great and is a simple statement decor piece.

These are a few of our favorite driftwood projects, but we have tons more, so check out the rest of our coastal chic driftwood projects for your next beach day!

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Nancy Mccardell

Wednesday 8th of September 2021

I want to make a coffee table with driftwood. Have a 17x17x17 inch wood box I plan on gluing driftwood to the 4 sides. I have the driftwood. Do you have any hints for assembly? The sides are solid thin plywood. I think my first step is to paint it brown then glue using wood glue and weights doing one side at a time. Have you have any hints, suggestions for me. Any help is appreciated. Nancy Mccardell


Wednesday 8th of September 2021

Hey Nancy, sounds like a fun project! We've done a lot of driftwood projects and I'll say the number one thing to keep in mind is that the pieces are not flat on any sides. That can make wood glue difficult because there might not be as much of the driftwood in contact with the box as you might think. I would probably actually suggest hot glue for something like this to get as much contact and connection as possible. Not super sturdy if you think you'll be bumping into the pieces a lot, but the attachment would work better. But if you went with the wood glue, I would put a board across the driftwood after it's in place, then clamp that down to hold. Good luck!

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