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Introducing: Our New Interactive Travel Maps

Our blog is totally self made and designed. I would love to have a professional design it, but we honestly do not make enough off of the venture to justify the cost. I consider our blog to totally be a hobby, but we want it to be as strong as it can be. So, in the last few months we have rolled out a new logo and signature. We are excited to be rolling out some formatting changes to the blog over the next few months.

We love travelling and sharing our travels with you. We are excited to make it easier to read about and follow our past travels using our new Travels page!

Interactive Map Example - Charleston Crafted

This new section features three maps – the United States, Italy, and Charleston.

Interactive Map Example - Charleston Crafted

Each map has red pins indicating places that we have visited and blogged about. Simply hoover over any pin to see a brief preview, or click the pin to visit that blog post.

Interactive Map Example - Charleston Crafted

If you want to see exactly how easy it is, we made a quick video to show you how to move around on the page and click the pins!

We hope to organize our other blog topics in similar ways and roll those out for you as soon as they are ready.

For those of you who might also be bloggers, our interactive maps were built via the Interactive Image Map Hot Spot Plug-In, which was a paid plug in but had a very low cost and was simple to learn to use! 

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