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How to store an artificial Christmas tree

Learn the best practices for hassle-free holiday cleanup with our comprehensive guide on how to store an artificial Christmas tree. Discover expert tips on cleaning, disassembling, and choosing the right storage solutions to ensure your tree stays fresh and vibrant for years to come.

There are SO many benefits to artificial Christmas trees.

They don’t turn brown, they usually have a great shape and style, and you can use them year after year – making them cheaper in the long run compared to buying new live trees each year.

However, there is one major negative and that is Christmas tree storage!

I mean, where do you put a giant fake tree for 10 months out of a year?

Whether it is the end of the holiday season and you are ready to pack away your decorations or you are planning before making a purchase, it’s important to consider how you will store your Christmas tree.

Proper storage will prolong your artificial tree’s lifespan, plus it’s essential to keeping the tree and reusing it next year.

Let’s talk about how to store a fake Christmas tree!

How to store an artificial Christmas tree

How to store a fake Christmas tree

Here are the steps and considerations to keep in mind when planning your artificial tree storage!

Cleaning the Tree

You do not want to store a dirty Christmas tree, so it is important before you pack it up to remove any dust, dirt, or cobwebs as well as the decorations. I prefer to wear cotton gloves when doing this!

You can typically use a damp cloth to wipe any stickiness off the tree (like if you hung candy canes that got messy).

Disassembling the Tree

You typically don’t want your tree to have any decorations on it when you put it into the Christmas tree storage box.

Remove all ornaments and store them securely. If you added tinsel or anything similar, do your best to get it off. Wearing a cloth glove can help get it!

Next, you want to take your tree apart. Sometimes, Christmas trees have electrical plugs between the sections. These will need to be unplugged to separate the tree. Other trees do not have plugs. Just check and see!

If you had a hard time assembling your tree, you might want to consider labeling the parts for next year. Simply label an index card and tape it to the cord!

Holding artificial tree in slatted wood tree collar

How to store A Christmas tree without taking it apart

Do you want to store your entire faux Christmas tree, assembled and decorated for last year? If you have the space, there is no reason not to!

You can store your assembled Christmas tree without a box by standing it in an attic or basement space, fully decorated.

I do suggest removing any ornaments that are extremely fragile or you would be devastated if they broke, just in case.

Unplug the tree and wrap excess wire around the base. Stand in a spot where it will be out of the way and undisturbed.

Cover with an old sheet or tablecloth to keep from getting dusty!

why you should hang lights on your christmas tree vertically

Choosing a Christmas Tree Container

You have a few options when deciding the best way to store your artificial Christmas tree. You can keep it in:

  • the original cardboard box it came in
  • a Christmas tree storage bag
  • A Christmas tree storage box

I think that it is great to re-use the original box for as long as you can, assuming that the tree will easily fit back inside it.

However, these boxes tend to fall apart after a year or two of use. And, the cardboard can get damaged, especially if stored in a damp garage or basement.

So, Christmas tree storage bags and boxes can come in handy to protect your tree from dust, moisture, and pests.

The bags are typically cheaper and take up less storage space when they are empty. But, the boxes are much better if you need to stack them.

Here are our favorite bag + box Christmas tree storage options:

straightening artificial christmas tree branches

Storing Tree Sections

You have a few choices when deciding how to store your Christmas tree sections. Typically, I just place my tree sections and the tree storage bags. However, if you are worried about them getting damaged, you could wrap each section in an old bedsheet or blanket.

However you put them in the bag, you want to be sure that you secure the sections and place them in a way that the branches will not be bending awkwardly or might break during storage.

artificial christmas tree

Storing Tree Accessories

You will want to store your ornaments and lights and any other Christmas decorations separate from the Christmas tree. I always recommend hard storage containers for delicate things like ornaments that could easily get crushed in storage.

Here are our best tips for how to store string lights for Christmas!

All other Christmas decorations can typically go into large Rubbermaid bins.

Things that are really large or awkwardly shaped we sometimes tuck into a trash bag and place on the shelf in our attic space.

Always label all of your containers specifically as possible for easy identification next year.

How To Organize & Store Christmas Decor - Charleston Crafted

Finding a Suitable Storage Location

Ideally, you will store your Christmas tree and Christmas decorations in a cool, dry, and well ventilated space. Damp basements and hot attics are usually not ideal, but you got to do what you gotta do.

If you have anything that is especially delicate, old, or you feel like it might just fall to pieces, consider storing it in a closet space or under a bed, where it will be at least climate controlled.

But, let’s be real, you’re not fitting an artificial Christmas tree into a closet or under a bed so you just gotta work with what you got

How To Organize & Store Christmas Decor - Charleston Crafted

Additional Tips for Tree Storage

Here are some final tips for the best way to store a Christmas tree!

  • Proper Labeling: Clearly label each section of the tree to make assembly easier next year.
  • Use Tree Storage Bags: Invest in specially designed storage bags with handles and wheels for convenient transport.
  • Separate and Label Decorations: Store ornaments, lights, and garlands in individual containers and label them for easy identification.
  • Consider Vacuum Sealing: For fragile or sentimental ornaments, consider vacuum-sealing them to prevent breakage and save space.
  • Use Zip-Tie Organizers: Bundle strands of lights with zip ties to prevent tangling and store them in clear plastic organizers.
  • Repurpose Gift Wrap Tubes: Use empty gift wrap tubes to store garlands or protect delicate ornaments.
  • Cushion Fragile Items: Wrap delicate decorations in tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent damage during storage.
  • Store Tree Skirt Separately: Clean and store the tree skirt separately to avoid storing dirt or pests from the tree.
  • Utilize S-Hooks: Hang wreaths or garlands on sturdy S-hooks to maintain their shape and save storage space.
  • Regular Inspections: Periodically check stored items for damage or wear, replacing any damaged containers or protective wrappings.

Proper tree storage can be just another thing to worry about during an already busy holiday season.

But, getting the right storage box for your Christmas tree and storing it properly will save you headaches and money on the long run.

Cheers to a stress-free and organized, holiday season!

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