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How to make a rope Christmas tree

Looking for a simple Christmas craft? Here’s how to make a textured rope Christmas tree!

This year we are making all of the table top Christmas trees. I am really into the idea of natural materials that have interesting textures, so I decided to make a rope Christmas tree!

I made a 24 inch table top tree, but you could make any size. I used a foam cone, they also make cardboard ones. They typically come in 12, 18, 24, and 36 inch heights!

You could also use this method to cover an existing piece of decor that you have. So, if you have an old tabletop tree that you no longer love the look of, follow this tutorial to turn it into a rope tree!

Here’s how I made a rope Christmas tree wall hanging!

how to make a rope christmas tree

How to make a rope Christmas tree

Supplies needed:

  • Foam cone – I got mine at Michaels!
  • Rope – the thicker, the less you will need
  • Hot glue + glue gun

Steps to make a rope Christmas tree

STEP 1: Start at the top

Apply glue to the top of your cone. Spiral the rope on and press firmly.

how to hot glue rope to a foam christmas tree

STEP 2: Continue downward

Continue applying 2-3 inches of hot glue and pressing your rope into place.

It’s best to hold the rope firmly against the cone for a few seconds to be sure it dries in place and doesn’t separate!

It took me about 1 hour and a full 50 foot spool of rope to cover my 24 inch tall tree!

hot gluing rope to a foam tree

STEP 3: Clean up

Once you are done gluing the rope into place, let it cool. Once the glue has fully cooled and solidified, do a little clean up.

Pull any loose hot glue strands or bits. You can use a hair dryer to melt glue strands to the tree if you prefer.

Your rope might have strings and strands coming off of it. If that’s too much texture for you, use scissors to give it a haircut!

You can glue on sea shells or beads to act as ornaments or a tree topper if you prefer. I stuck to a more natural neutral look!

DIY sisal rope christmas tree

That’s how easy it is to make a rope Christmas tree!

Check out my DIY wood dowel Christmas tree!

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