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How to make a moss Christmas tree

Want to add a natural touch to your Christmas decor? Here’s how to make a moss Christmas tree!

I love making tabletop Christmas trees. They are fun by themselves, on a mantel, or with a little holiday village.

This year, I’ve been loving green, natural elements. Moss is an easy way to bring green, natural texture into your decor.

DIY moss Christmas trees

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So, this year I decided to make a set of moss Christmas trees! They were super simple to make – thanks to sheet moss – and look really beautiful clustered together.

how to make a moss christmas tree

How to make a moss Christmas tree

Moss Christmas trees are really easy to make – make a few at once for a dramatic effect!

Supplies needed:

supplies to make a moss christmas tree

Steps to make a DIY moss tree:

STEP 1: Trace your cone

The easiest way to cut this out right the first time is to make a template! Roll your cone on paper and trace along it with a pencil. Cut out the template and wrap it around your cone to ensure it fits.

STEP 2: Trace template onto moss

Place template on the back side of the sheet moss and trace with a sharpie.

Moss cut out in cone shape

STEP 3: Cut moss

Use scissors to cut the moss along the traced line.

STEP 4: Glue moss to cone

If there is a paper backing, remove it. Use hot glue to attach along edges and stripes along the middle to the cone directly.

hot glue moss to foam cone

STEP 5: Add a topper

You will notice that the very top of the cone is bare. Cut a small circle from your scrap moss and glue in place.

small circle cut from sheet moss

OPTIONAL: Add decorations

You can glue or stick on ribbon, rope, or small ornaments if you want to add a special touch to your trees!

DIY moss Christmas trees

Any questions about how to make a moss Christmas tree?

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