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How to clean between expansion joints

This post is going to show you the easiest way to clean between expansion joints, including deck boards, garage and driveway, and any of those tight, hard to reach places!

This post was sponsored by Zenith by Danco. All opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charleston Crafted possible!

How to clean between expansion joints - Charleston Crafted

As a woodworker and a parent, I’m constantly finding messes everywhere, even in the most unlikely of places.

One place that is always dirty, for different reasons, is the expansion joints in our garage and porches.

In our garage, there is always sawdust and debris in between the joints of the concrete in our workshop.

On the porches, you’ll find anything from dirt to rocks to chunks of broken chalk in between the deck boards.

These are always a hard place to clean out, so they usually end up looking worse and worse over time. But, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Using a hose or pressure washer can sometimes help you clean these joints, but the force of water from a pressure washer will push the debris down, which could actually make it more lodged in the crack. What you need instead is something to pull debris up and out.

We’ve recently come across a new tool that will help you clean between those crevices in your expansion joints to make them looking clean and fresh again.

The Zenith by Danco Crack and Crevice Cleaner is an awesome tool for getting into those cracks and joints and cleaning them out. The best part is that it works with almost any existing broom or extension handle and will have your joints looking clean in no time.

Let’s show you how the Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner works and how you can use it on several different places in your home.

How to use a crevice cleaner

The Zenith by Danco Crack and Crevice Cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning out tight places that are filled with debris or anything you don’t want in there.

The Crack and Crevice Cleaner is extremely easy to use. It has a threaded inside, so it can screw onto basically any broom handle, paint handle or extension rod.

Once it is screwed into place, choose the right blade to get the job done. The Crack and Crevice Cleaner has four different blades of different lengths and thicknesses depending on what you need it for.

Once you have the right blade, simply insert it into the crack or expansion joint and pull toward you, prying out all the junk and debris that is inside.

After you’ve cleaned the crack, you can simply sweep up the mess or vacuum it up.

How do you clean expansion joints in concrete

The expansion joints in your concrete can be notoriously difficult to clean out. Whether it’s your driveway or your garage floor, there is always going to be debris getting into those cracks.

Well, just because they are outdoors doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cleaned.

Knowing how to clean your garage floor cracks is as simple as grabbing your Zenith by Danco Crack and Crevice Cleaner.

Pulling Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner in concrete garage expansion joints

Line the thicker blade up in the crack and pull toward you, making sure you get as deep as you can.

Sawdust and debris pulled from garage workshop cracks

For us, our workshop is in the garage, so there is tons of sawdust, wood junks and debris in those concrete floor cracks. It was so incredibly satisfying to watch all that debris come out.

Debris pulled up from Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner

When I was done, I just vacuumed it all up and it was gone.

You can clean concrete driveway joints the same way. You can even used the Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner to pull weeds from those pesky cracks.

Sometimes weeks are too hard to pull from concrete, but the Crack and Crevice Cleaner can pull them right out.

How to clean between deck boards

Do you ever look between your deck or porch boards? I mean do you like REALLY look in there? There’s probably so much stuff you never realized.

But you might look in there and think it’s stuck forever. But, here’s how you clean the gap between deck boards.

Cleaning debris from between deck boards with Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner

So with the expansion of wood, you might have some boards that are right touching each other and some with a fairly significant space between them. This is why deck board expansion joints can have such a variety of debris in them.

Larger gaps are not likely to catch dirt, however they could catch pebbles or sticks. If those items get wedged, you might not be able to pull them out with your fingers.

Grab your Crack and Crevice Cleaner and choose the right thickness blade for between your cracks. Slide it into the crack at a clean point and then pull toward you.

Debris removed from expansion joints with Zenith Crack and Crevice Cleaner

You will easily be able to remove loose debris, like dirt. But, if there is a lodged pebble, you’ll need to pull a little harder to get it out.

Once all the debris is out, sweep or use a blower to blow the debris away. Just be careful you don’t push it right back into the cracks!

What tool removes debris between deck boards?

The best tool to remove debris between deck boards is the Zenith by Danco Crack and Crevice Cleaner. This tool will help you get in between the deck boards and pry out any debris that has become stuck or lodged in between the joints.

Whether it’s dirt that needs to be cleaned out or a rock that is jammed, you can use the Crack and Crevice Cleaner to pull it out.

How to clean between expansion joints - Charleston Crafted

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