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Holiday Baking

We love to do baking at the holidays! Here’s some of our favorite recipes for what we make for ourselves and others!

Every year around this time I go baking crazy. I have a marathon baking day (usually on a Sunday) and make five or six different things.

Then, we package (most of) them up and deliver them to friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

We love to bake and eat at the same time, so here’s some easy ones you can do too!

Holiday Treat Boxes - Charleston Crafted

Easy holiday baking ideas

Here is what I decided to make this year.

Peppermint bark

I love peppermint bark. I don’t really use a set recipe.

I melt 3 bars of semi sweet chocolate, mix with peppermint, pour onto a foil lined pan. Let it set.

Melt 4 bars of white chocolate, spread on top of semi sweet chocolate, top with more peppermint.

The biggest trick is to use high quality chocolate – Ghiradelli all the way for me!

homemade peppermint bark - charleston crafted

Oreo truffles

I make these for a lot of holidays, since they are so darn easy.

To make them, crush up an entire package of Oreos in a Ninja blender, then add an 8 ounce pack of cream cheese to the blender as well.

Roll the mix into a ball, then dip in melted milk chocolate and coat with sprinkles!

Oreo Balls - Charleston Crafted

Peanut butter fudge

This was a new recipe for me. More than fudge, it tasted like the filling of a peanut butter ball.

That being said, it is 4 ingredients and took less than ten minutes (plus cooling time). A definite win and we will probably make a new batch or two before Christmas!

homemade peanut butter fudge - Charleston Crafted

Pecan Pralines

These are another one of our favorites. Honestly, Sean was a little scared to make them after making so many the week before our wedding (they were our favors!) but it was really quick and simple to make one batch – 24 mini muffin tins worth.

Pralines - Charleston Crafted

Gingerbread cookies

Last year our gingerbread was a big fail. I am happy to say that we had great results with this recipe this year.

I think that it was really crucial to let it chill for a LONG time to be able to handle it – a full 24 hours!

Ninja Bread Men - Charleston Crafted

Nutella cookies

I make a variation of these cookies almost every week, so it was a no brainer to throw some in the mix. We used chocolate hazelnut spread and white chocolate chips this time, a classic combination!

Nutella Cookies - Charleston Crafted

Sunday was a REALLY Long day in the kitchen (I also had to do my regular meal prep and make dinner!) But it was worth it – few things make me feel the holiday spirit like mass baking!

Are you baking anything up for the holidays?!

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