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The Four Best Ways to Frame a Mirror

Framing a mirror can be a great DIY project for any home. Whether you are creating an entirely new frame or you want to spruce up a frame that you already have, a new frame will bring life back to a mirror and change your space. We’ve done a few and can show you the four best ways to frame a mirror to bring your space to life!

The Four Best Ways to Frame a Mirror

best ways to frame a mirror - Charleston Crafted

  1. Cover it with rope– if you are looking for a nautical theme, it’s easy to glue crisp, white rope around an existing frame on your mirror that will pop and give you exactly what you’re looking for.
    DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted
  2. Make a driftwood starburst– sticking with a way to cover a frame, gather up some driftwood pieces that are all about the same size, then glue them on in a starburst fashion sticking out from all sides of your frame.
    DIY Starburst Driftwood Mirror - Charleston Crafted
  3. Wooden frame– if you are a new homeowner and you bought a new home, you’re likely stuck with plain mirrors with no frame in you bathrooms. One way you can easily make a new frame is to cut wood to the right size of your mirror, build a frame with that wood, then glue it up to your mirror. (disclaimer- when we did this project, we didn’t have the right tools AT ALL, but still made it work. Now we would use pocket holes to connect the wood together and would use a chisel to cut out the notches)
  4. Tile frame– the other best way to cover a plain mirror is to create a frame from sheets of tile. This is done easiest with sheets of small square tiles, but down into strips of three tiles wide, then attached directly to the mirror. When they are done drying, you add grout between the tiles just like you would if you were tiling a back splash.
    DIY Tile Framed Mirror - Charleston Crafted

There are lots of ways to frame a mirror, but we’ve found that these are the four best ways, including the two best ways for covering an existing frame and the two best for creating one. Get out there and get creative because you could take all four of these styles and make them your own with small tweaks. Share with us in the comments your favorite!

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