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Fall Mantel Decor with Purple Florals

When you think of Fall, you might not immediately think of purple, but hear me out.

Fall doesn’t have to mean orange.

I mean, if we are being honest, the leaves don’t even change colors here in Charleston. There is no orange or red in nature here. And there is no orange or red in my house!

I prefer cooler tones in general to warm tones, and orange decor would stick out like a sore thumb on my fireplace.

Fall Mantel Decor with Purple Florals

So, I decided to go in another direction entirely. I actually was walking up and down the aisles at Michaels, looking at all the orange leaves and pumpkins and sighing, when I spotted a section of non-orange amongst the Autumn decor.

Fall Mantel Decor with Purple Florals

It was predominantly a dusty purple, with a bit of blush and white and greenery combined.

Fall Mantel Decor with Purple Florals

It still felt Fall-y because of the tone of the colors – they aren’t summery bold. They are more subdued, kind of like Fall weather. You know, in places that aren’t the South.

Anyways, that’s how I ended up with a purple Fall mantel this year.

Fall Mantel Decor with Purple Florals

How to decorate your mantel

To decorate this mantel, I used:

To decorate the mantel, first I laid the garlands horizontally across the top.

Next, I added flowers. I started with the drippy purple flowers and arranged them so they were hanging off the edge. I love having something overflow off the mantel itself. It adds a lot of interest to the look!

Fall Mantel Decor with Purple Florals

Then, I filled in with the other flowers and greenery. I really, really love the faux eucalyptus in here. It adds fantastic texture, which is the name of the game with this kind of setup.

Fall Mantel Decor with Purple Florals

My main tip if you want to recreate this type of mantel? Over buy. You really really don’t want it to look skimpy. It needs to look full and lush for the right look. You can always return what you don’t use, or use it elsewhere in your decor.

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Would you ever decorate with purple for Fall?

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