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DIY Nautical Round Rope Mirror Frame Tutorial

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Want to make a DIY rope mirror? You’ll love this simple tutorial!

One thing that I really wanted to include in our half bathroom makeover was a rope mirror. I have pinned a ton as inspiration, but y’all know that I love the coastal vibe of rope everything! Luckily, rope is really inexpensive and easy to work with. Rope projects are budget friendly and a great DIY! 

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In the past I have made a rope lamp, a rope vase, a rope doorstop, rope coasters, a rope bowl, and rope placecards for our wedding. So, I was totally ready to conquer this project as a DIY!

DIY Rope Mirror

Here is what you will need:

  • A framed wall hanging mirror + hardware to hang
  • Hot glue gun + hot glue
  • Rope

When selecting your rope, you can choose either cotton or nylon. They have different looks – nylon is usually whiter and shiny. Cotton is more of a matte fabric, off-white look. Neither is wrong, you just should check them out in person at your favorite hardware store! 

Here is what you do:

I of course wanted to use the mirror that we already had to save cash. So, I simply took it off the wall and laid it flat to work on. We were painting so it had to come down anyways.
DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted

I decided that I wanted 2 widths of rope – a thicker one for the middle and a thinner one for the border. I already had a lot of rope on hand but ended up picking up a 25′ roll of 3/8″ inch rope from Lowe’s for $8.

My thinner rope is 1/4″ in width. If you mix ropes, plan to stick to a similar finish (these are both glossy white). The total length that you need will depend on the size of your mirror.

DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted

DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted

DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted

Pick a spot to start. I chose the bottom of the O. Hot glue your rope in place and work your way around the frame. I found it easier for me to sit in place and spin the mirror. I went around and around for about 30 minutes, gluing it down in 6 inch sections and then pressing it with my fingers to secure.

My biggest tip is that you neeeeeeeed a high heat glue gun. This is the one I have. It is not expensive and works amazingly – it melts the glue very quickly and keeps it going. It puts my old dinky gun to shame!

DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted

Next, we hung it up on the wall. Looking good!

DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted

My final step is optional but makes a big difference. Hot glue can be stringy and messy. I suggest taking a hair dryer to the project to melt the strings and get a cleaner result. 

DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted

DIY Round Rope Mirror Tutorial - Charleston crafted


Pretty good for $8 out of pocket! Of course, I had a lot already on hand, but that’s the game in this project – for $100 make over, you really have to use what you have!

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