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The best black paint colors for your home in 2023

Looking for the perfect black paint colors for your home? Here are my best tips for choosing the perfect black paint color and the best black paint colors in real homes!

Light and bright homes are always in style, but right now, dark and moody rooms are having quite the moment.

If you are feeling bold, painting a room in your home black can be incredibly chic!

But, kind of like picking a white paint color, black paint colors are not one size fits all.

Let’s talk about how to pick a black paint color for your home and take a look at some of the best examples of black paint colors in real homes!

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the best black paint colors

How do I choose a shade of black paint?

The easiest way to get a feel for a black paint color is to get a paint strip for that color.

Follow it up to lighter shades. Suddenly it’s easier to see the brown, green, or blue undertones!

Here’s my complete guide to paint undertones!

Additionally, know that some colors are black and some are actually more like really dark gray!

The easiest way to tell this is to get a black swatch and hold it up to something true black – such as a turned off TV screen. Suddenly the undertones pop out!

What colors go well with black?

Black is a neutral color that can go with almost any other color palette.

My big suggestion is to go with lighter colors to provide that contrast of tone. So, if you want to pair black with a green, go with a pastel to medium toned green, not a forest green!

As far as picking accent colors, I suggest looking at the undertones of the black paint color that you are using and choose colors that coordinate with or complement that tone!

the best black paint colors

What is the best black paint?

The best black paint will depend on where you want to use it and the light conditions and existing fixtures in your home.

My general process for picking a wall paint color is:

  1. Get paper swatches
  2. Hold them up all over the room
  3. Pick 3-5 to get samples of
  4. Paint on multiple walls, look at it day and night, lights on and light off
  5. Pick a color

You can read ALL about my paint color formula here!

What is the blackest interior paint color?

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is a very true black with a Light Reflective Value of 2.45. That means that only 2.5 percent of light bounces back off the color – making it pretty majorly dark!

What is the best black paint color for walls?

The best black paint color for walls will be one that the undertones coordinate with the existing features in your room.

What is the best black paint color for furniture?

I like a nice pure black for furniture. Tricorn Black is a great option for this! I also spray paint a lot of smaller furniture. Here’s the best black spray paints.

What is the best black paint color for the front door?

Once again, you are going to want to choose a black paint with undertones that match or coordinate with the color of your home’s siding, brick, or stone outer finish.

Also consider how much bright light the space gets – charcoals can look much lighter or darker based on lighting!

What is the best black paint color for cabinets?

Pick a black paint color that complements your existing features like countertops, flooring, and backsplash. If there are black elements, I’d suggest comparing those specifically to the paint samples to be sure you have a good match or at least they don’t clash.

the best black paint colors

Popular Black Paint Colors

Some of the most popular black paint colors are:

Paint ColorLRV*Warm/CoolUndertones
Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black2.45WarmNone
Sherwin Williams Iron Ore6.00CoolCharcoal, Blue
Sherwin Williams Caviar3.00WarmBrown
Sherwin Williams Black Magic3.00WarmRed
Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron6.16CoolCharcoal, Blue

*Light Reflective Value measures the percent of light that is shone at a color that bounces back. The lower the number, the darker/”truer black” the color is!

Sherwin Williams Caviar vs Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Caviar is going to read as warmer than Tricorn black, and slightly more brown toned. They are about the same level of darkness.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black vs Sherwin Williams Black Magic

Black magic looks very warm and almost reddish next to the true black of Tricorn Black. Caviar is going to read as warmer than Tricorn black, and slightly more brown toned. They are about the same level of darkness.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore vs Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

BM Wrought Iron is a very deep charcoal looking gray. It skews slightly cool with blue undertones. Iron Ore is ever so slightly lighter but is a very similar deep charcoal option.

Sherwin Williams Black magic vs Sherwin Williams Tricorn black

Black Magic is going to seem black until you put it next to Tricorn Black! Suddenly you will see the reddish and warm undertones in Black Magic!

Black paint colors in real homes

Check out some examples of black paint colors in real homes below!

The best black paint colors for your home

Here are some of the best black paint colors in real homes!

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Get paint samples!

Samplize will send you 12″x12″ peel and stick samples of paint colors from many popular brands so you can see exactly how they will look in your home!

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