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The best white paint colors for 2024

Wondering how to choose the right white for your walls? Here are the best white paint colors and everything to consider when picking a white paint color for your home!

I love talking about paint colors, but I have never really talked about white before!

I tend to paint color on my walls, but white is an extremely popular option for those looking for neutral walls.

White is a clean slate that can stand well on it’s own or pair with any color scheme in the entire world!

So, I totally get why people love white walls.

But, picking a white is a lot harder than it sounds!

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How do you pick the best white paint color?

My process for choosing paint colors goes:

  1. Get paper swatches
  2. Hold them up all over the room
  3. Choose 3-5 swatches to get samples of
  4. Paint large samples all over the room
  5. Look at the samples day and night, lights on and lights off
  6. Pick your favorite white paint!

There are a few things to consider specifically when choosing a white paint color.

Here’s our guide to paint undertones!

white paint samples on a white sheet of paper

Warm white vs cool white paint

The first thing to consider is undertones. You want to note the undertones of the fixtures in your space – flooring or furniture that won’t be changing – and coordinate with that color palette.

White paint can have either warm undertones or cool undertones.

Warm undertones means that it has hints of yellow, gold, or tan.

Cool undertones means that it has hints of blue or gray.

The best way to determine the undertones of white wall paint is to place a color swatch next to pure white printer paper. When in doubt, add a few swatches of other shades of white paint.

It should be pretty clear if the white feels yellow, blue, green, or even pink!

the best warm white paint colors

Popular warm white paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Alabaster
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove
  • Behr Polar Bear
  • Behr Swiss Coffee
  • Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White

Popular cool white paint colors:

  • Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace
  • Benjamin Moore Chalk White
  • Behr Ultra Pure White
  • Sherwin Williams Pure White
  • Benjamin Moore White Diamond
  • Sherwin Williams Snowbound
the best cool white paint colors

Assess a room’s lighting

White paint looks best in rooms with bright white natural light. If there’s a lot of artificial light, it can start to read as yellowed.

Pick the right sheen

For walls, you will almost always want flat, matte, or eggshell paint sheen. Read our guide to paint sheens here!

Are white walls going out of style?

White walls are pretty classic but are definitely still on trend. While dark, moody walls are very popular, white is the light and bright neutral option that is most on trend at the moment!

Should I paint my walls white or grey

Grey was the go-to wall color for a long time, and it can have a very cozy vibe. However, if you want a more trendy look, steer clear of gray as it is looking dated!

Painting the half bath Sherwin Williams Watery - Charleston Crafted

What color should trim be if walls are white?

You have a few options for trim paint colors with white walls.

One is to paint the trim the same color as the walls. You could choose the exact same shade but in a semi gloss finish to differentiate the two.

Alternatively, you can go for a contrasting color. Black, navy, or a charcoal color are all popular high-contrast trim colors.

Finally, you could go for an accent color. Usually a dustier color works better than a very bright color. Think dusty denim blue! This is a great way to bring color to your walls and break them up without having too much color in the space.

What is the best white paint for interior walls?

Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all white paint color that works best in every room.

Some rooms do well with a soft white, some need a neutral white, and some need something with more yellow undertones for warmth.

The answer is that you need to test multiple white paint samples in your room, with your lighting and your fixtures, to choose the best white paint for your room!

What type of white paint is best?

With white paint, it’s very important to buy high quality paint, preferably paint and primer in one to get good coverage.

Cheap white paint can take a LOT of coats to get coverage, which will end up costing you more for the extra quantity of paint!

the best white paint colors

The best white paint colors

Here are some of the best white paint colors for interior walls with pictures of them inside real rooms in real homes!

The best white paint colors for every home

Here are examples of the best white paint colors in real rooms!

Are white walls in style for 2022?

White walls have been on trend for the past few years. Designers seem to be shifting to darker, warm toned, rich colors for walls. However, I think that white walls will remain in style for more of the average homeowner who wants a neutral, classic wall color.

Any more questions about the best white paint colors for every home?!

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Get paint samples!

Samplize will send you 12″x12″ peel and stick samples of paint colors from many popular brands so you can see exactly how they will look in your home!

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