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The cutest outdoor pillows under $25

Want to update your patio or porch without replacing the furniture? Here are the cutest outdoor pillows under $25 that you can order today!

Is your outdoor furniture feeling drab, dated, or just plain boring? Maybe you don’t need to refinish it – you could just mix it up with some new throw pillows!

Throw pillows are a great way to add texture and color to any seating area, and I especially love using them outdoors.

They are a great accessory for being trendy – since they are so easy to replace as trends change – and a fun way to mix up your decor to match the seasons.

But, throw pillows can be shockingly pricey. Today I wanted to round up some of my favorite budget-friendly options.

Hot Tip!

My best tip for saving money on pillows (indoor or outdoor) is to actually just buy pillow covers. They take up WAY less storage space than full pillows and are typically way less expensive, too.

Pay close attention when you are shopping – if you don’t already have pillow inserts on hand, it can be very disappointing to think you are purchasing pillows and just get the covers!

Everything I could find on Amazon was a cover-only, no pillow insert, so I did not include them on this list. But they have tons of covers under $10 if that is what you are shopping for!

outdoor pillows under $25

The cutest outdoor pillows under $25

Here are some of the best affordable outdoor pillows, by store.


outdoor pillows from walmart


outdoor pillows from target

Home Depot

outdoor pillows from home depot

What’s your favorite outdoor throw pillow?!

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