How to Throw an Awesome Workplace Potluck Lunch

I have somehow become the person in charge of parties at my office, aka Angela from “The Office.” We have zero budget so parties really mean potlucks. I have been hosting monthly gatherings for about six months now and have learned a lot! I wanted to share what I have learned to help others throw an awesome workplace potluck lunch.

Workplace Potluck Lunch - charleston crafted

  1. Pick a popular theme – Potluck is not a theme. I learned that the hard way. Here are some of our favorites:
    1. Chili cook off (chili, potatoes, corn bread, and fixings)
    2. Noodle bar (with a variety of sauces, salad, bread)
    3. Taco bar (with shells, meat, cheese, lettuce, salsa, guac)
    4. Salad + baked potato bar with fixings (potatoes cook great in a crock pot!)
    5. Pho noodle bar (with shredded meat, broth, and veggie toppings)
    6. Breakfast bar (eggs on an electric griddle, pancakes, waffles, sausage, fruit)
    7. Grilling outside in the parking lot (with fixings & traditional “salad” type sides)
  2. Have specific sign up sheets – I make a flier that hangs in the kitchen with a specific list of things to sign up for. This makes sure that we have a balanced meal and don’t forget anything crucial. It also helps people who are not feeling creative to know what to bring!
  3. Have a variety of items to sign up for – Some people want to cook and some do not. It’s important to have dishes people can cook (like rice, pulled pork, or salads) as well as things people can easily purchase (like sour cream, shredded cheese, or salsa)
  4. Leave some “other” spots on the sign up – someone might have a specific thing that they love, like corn salsa for the taco bar. Leaving a couple of “other” slots lets them feel like they can show off their favorites!
  5. Give 2 weeks notice – too much more and people forget, less and they feel rushed or caught off guard.
  6. Be aware of your kitchen situation – we have no stove or oven, only a toaster and a microwave. So, we have relied heavily on crock pots to cook and keep things warm.

Do you have any tips for throwing an awesome workplace potluck?

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