Warby Parker Men’s Glasses

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about how I needed a new pair of glasses and that I was gathering some inspiration. One of the places online I had heard about was Warby Parker and I liked the look of their glasses. They have a cool business model. They will let you pick five pairs of glasses and they will send them to you to try on and determine which style you like. How cool is that? It’s free of charge as long as you send the glasses back. So I picked out five styles and gave them a try!

Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted

Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted

  1. Sullivan
    Sullivan Warby Parker Glasses
    The first pair I tried on were the Sullivan. They had a matte finish, meaning they weren’t shiny, and were teal on the front with brown arms. I liked the look of these and the matte finish gave them something different. They also weren’t too big.
    Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted
  2. Ames
    Ames Warby Parker Glasses
    The Ames were the second pair I tried on, and boy were they big. They were interesting because they didn’t have a frame around the bottom of the lenses and I liked the look, but they were huge on my face, especially with the corners poking out from the top corners.
    Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted
  3. Vaughan
    Vaughan Warby Parker Glasses
    Next I tried on the Vaughan. These did have frames under the bottom of the lenses, but it was a clear frame instead of the tortoise shell color of the rest of the frame. Still a little bigger, but not as big as the Ames. These made me feel pretty hipster, so I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.
    Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted
  4. Hardy
    Hardy Warby Parker Glasses
    The Hardy came next. These were a rectangular frame, which was completely different from the first three I tried on, which were all round frames. The lenses were still bigger than the pair of glasses that I currently have, and I like these a lot. Also, the “striped pacific” color was nice. These looked much more “normal” and conservative on me.
    Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted
  5. Crane Ti
    Crane Ti Warby Parker GlassesThe last pair I tried on were the Crane Ti. These were a similar frame shape as the Hardy, but they have thin metal arms instead of the thicker plastic. I have thin metal arms on the glasses I have now, so I was kind of trying to get away from that
    Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted

In the end, it came down to the Sullivan versus the Hardy.

Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted

Compared with my current glasses on the top…

Basically, I had to decide if I wanted to go with something that I knew I looked good in now (Hardy) or try to pick something a little more trendy and try to make it work (Sullivan). I could tell which one Morgan liked better, but I threw out a picture of me in each on my Facebook and polled my friends. Overwhelmingly, the people chose Hardy. It was Morgan’s favorite too, and I was also more comfortable going with something that truly looked better on me.

Warby Parker Men's Glasses - Charleston Crafted

I went on to order them, and their process is super easy. I chose the glasses I wanted and they had multiple ways for you to input your prescription, including an option to just have them call your doctor! So if you don’t have your prescription handy, you can just give them the contact info for your eye doctor and they’ll take care of it for you.

Did I make the right choice?

(note- I was not compensated in any way for this post. I chose Warby Parker after some research online and liked their home try on process, so I decided to give them my business.)

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2 thoughts on “Warby Parker Men’s Glasses

  1. Nice comparison. I just got my try-on box today and so far have discarded 3 but I am stuck between the Hardy and the Crane Ti. This will be my first glasses ever so I got no experience with other frames.

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