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Tips to Update a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all the rage. Believe me, I know, we have had a ton of them over the years. However, I can see how you might get sick of staring at the same elaborate gallery wall every day. So, here are some tips for how to update or refresh a boring gallery wall.

how to update your boring old gallery wall - via Charleston Crafted

How to Update a Gallery Wall – Our Gallery Wall Tips

Change out the art – this is the most obvious answer, but you can totally change the feel of a gallery wall by swapping out the art. You could change out all of the art or just a few of the larger pieces. Mixing up the theme of the art as well as the colors featured can make a huge impact.

Change the type of art – rocking photos? Swap it out for word art, prints of paintings, or swatches of fabric. Changing the type of art is some or all of your frames can totally change the vibe of the whole gallery wall. Pro tip: keep several pieces of art in each frame to make swapping them seasonally super simple.

Change the colors of the frames – Use a little paint or wash tape to change up the color of some or all of the frames themselves. It will totally change the look of the gallery wall!

Add something to the frames – add campaign hardware, rope, or driftwood for a totally new look. Updating frames to match new furniture or decor is a really fun way to update your gallery wall.

Add a few smaller items – if you have all frames and canvasses, add a few irregularly shaped items along the edges and in small spaces. Little changes can have a big impact on the overall look of the gallery wall!

If you are looking for some gallery wall inspiration:

So let me know – what have you done to mix up your gallery wall?

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