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Tips for buying on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy and sell used or new goods or custom made items. If you’re in the market for something, you can often get it on Facebook Marketplace in good condition for a fraction of the cost at a store. Searching on Facebook Marketplace sometimes takes time, but here are our best tips for buying.

Some of the things that I love about buying on Facebook Marketplace are:

  • It is very easy to filter by location – I like to filter within 3 miles of my house
  • You can see the people you will be meeting up with in advance
  • It is easy to chat back and forth and ask for questions or more information
  • You can compare similar items and determine the best price
  • There are a lot of choices, especially in bigger areas
  • You can negotiate price easily through messaging, which doesn’t make things awkward in person

There are a few negatives about buying on Facebook Marketplace. They are:

  • Sometimes sellers are non-responsive
  • Good things can sell really quickly
  • If you don’t filter your location, Facebook automatically shows you things that can be pretty far away. Even if you filter by location, sometimes Facebook shows things “a little further” away that are really way further than I personally would drive.

The top thing to remember when shopping on Facebook Marketplace is to be safe. Here are some tips for being safe while shopping online:

  • Don’t pre-pay someone online without seeing the item, unless you have to do it to secure the item before someone else buys it
  • Never go into someone’s home alone
  • Trust your gut – leave any sketchy situations
  • Try to meet in a public place
  • Check out seller’s Facebook profiles to be sure they look real and “normal”
  • Inspect your purchase before handing over any cash. There are no returns.

If someone tries to scam you, here is where you can report them to Facebook.

I wrote a whole post on selling on Facebook Marketplace – click over and check it out!

What other questions do you have about buying on Facebook Marketplace?

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