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Three Charleston Artists I Love

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It’s no secret that I day-dream about a future dream house. I’d love a bright, open home, with high ceilings and plenty of room for art. While our current decor features more photographs (frankly, it’s more budget friendly), I’d love to be able to splurge on some original artwork for our next home’s walls. I mean, in an ideal world I’d paint my own beautiful art inspired by some of these works, and I really do love to paint, but boy oh boy wouldn’t it be nice to invest in some of “the real thing”!

Here are three Charleston artists who’s art gets me really excited:

Blakely Little Blakely is a fellow College of Charleston graduate who paints colorful visions of Charleston waterways. They are exactly my vibe and so incredibly happy and beautiful!

 Blakely Little Eucalyptus Marsh  Blakely Little Cedar Island Marsh
 Blakely Little Ballet Sunrise
 Blakely Little Blue Afternoon

Eucalyptus Marsh // Cedar Island Marsh // Ballet Sunrise // Blue Afternoon

Tiel Duncan is a Georgia native living in Charleston. Her paintings include a lot of figures, animals, and of course, my favorite, the beach scenes. I once again love the colors, but her paintings have a certain complexity, like you could look at them fifty times and each time notice something new.

 Tiel Duncan Cote de Citron  Tiel Duncan Innertube Blues
 Tiel Duncan Triangle Bikini  Tiel Duncan Light and Airy

 Light and Airy // Innertube Blues // Triangle Bikini // Cote de Citron

Joyce Harvey is a lover of the water, and it really shows in her paintings. The beautiful sunsets that she captures make me so happy and really remind me why I love living in Charleston so much!

 Joyce Harvey3  Joyce HArvey 4
 joyce harvey2  joyce harvey1

boats // landscape // landscape // boats

And, this is cheating, since he’s not from Charleston and he’s a photographer, but Gray Malin’s new Italy collection? Please, get in my life.

Do you have any of these artists’ works in your home? Or have any similar favorites? Link to it below!

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