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The Definitive 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

When I was a kid, my mom would go out to the store and buy several small items that my dad would like. She would come home and lay them out on the bed with “price tags” that my brother and I could buy from her to give my dad with our savings. When we got a little older, she would take us to the mall and we would go to the departments stores or the sports stores and pick things out on our own (of course, this meant we lost the discount that we used to get from my mom). I learned a lot about Father’s Day gifts over the years and looking back, they may have all been hokey things that he didn’t actually want. So, we’ve created the definitive 2018 Father’s Day gift guide that is bound to make your dad smile this Father’s Day.

The Definitive 2018 Father's Day Gift Guide via Charleston Crafted

The Definitive 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide

  • Insulated Yeti cup– whether your father likes to keep coffee hot or water cold, these insulated Yeti cups are incredible and are something dad can really enjoy
  • Beard oil– this probably won’t work for the clean-shaven dad, but beard oil is really nice. If your dad has thick facial hairs like me, The Gentleman’s Beard makes your face feel much softer.
  • Funny shirt with favorite movie or show– whether your dad is a huge Star Wars, Stranger Things, or The Office fan, there is a shirt for him. We’ve learned that dads will pretty much wear anything they are given, especially if from their children.
  • Jerky– dads get hungry and needs snacks. Jerky is a great protein-packed snack for your dad while he’s mowing the grass, cleaning the garage, or just laying in the hammock.
  • Money clip– I didn’t know I needed a sleeker wallet until I got one. Something small for a few cards and some cash are all you need. Tell dad it’s 2018 and he doesn’t need to carry his Blockbuster frequent renter card anymore.
  • Funny socks– grab your dad a pair of socks with his favorite animal or favorite food on them so he can’t step out of business mode once in a while.
  • Collapsible golf putter– I just got one of these as a groomsman gift a few weeks ago and I love it. I brought it to the office and can now take a few minutes anytime I want to unwind with a few putts. The putter screws together and is a hit!
  • World’s Best Dad coffee mug– this might go back to that “hokey” thing I mentioned earlier, but there’s nothing more classic than a World’s Best Dad coffee mug… you know, or similar phrasing.
  • Sports pennant– my brother and I bought my dad a lot of Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Yankees gear because that was what we keyed in on that he liked. He had multiple pennants, which are sort of out of style, but are still great for hanging in the garage.
  • Scotch- if all else fails, buy dad a bottle of scotch or bourbon. You can’t go wrong with a drinkable gift.

While this is the best gift list for this Father’s Day, remember that the best gifts are personal and come from the heart. Give dad something you made or something that has a special meaning to you both and he’ll cherish it for a lifetime.

Happy Father’s Day!

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