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The Best Costco Patio Furniture in 2023

Looking to purchase outdoor furniture at Costco? Here’s the best Costco patio furniture!

I have long professed my love for Costco furniture. I love the quality that you can get for your money. The killer customer service is great, too. Today I was inspired by the spring weather to share my favorite Costco patio furniture with you!

Outdoor furniture can be hard. You want a durable material but you also want it to be beautiful. And, you don’t want to break the bank. I think that Costco has patio furniture that is the perfect balance of these things.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, be sure to measure twice! I have learned the hard way that a patio might look HUGE, but once you get furniture out there, it suddenly feels cramped.

If you are wondering how to keep your patio furniture clean, always cover it and protect your furniture when not in use!

We use these covers which come in sizes for all sorts of patio furniture including tables, chairs, and sofas. It takes just a few seconds to pull the covers on and off (we don’t clip them unless a storm is coming, which saves 30 seconds a leg).

This keeps cushions from getting dirty or moldy from rain!

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best patio furniture at costco

The Best Costco Patio Furniture

Costco outdoor seating sets

Niko 6-piece Modular Seating Set

If you are looking for an outdoor sectional, you will love this comfy piece. It has 2 chaises, so no one has to fight over the best seat in the house – or, the yard!

Westport 7-Piece Modular Deep Seating Fire Chat Set

This set includes a sectional, chair, fire table, and ottoman. I love the clean white lines in the legs and base. Perfect for farmhouse style decor!

Oliver 5-Piece Fire Chat Set

This is a great option if you prefer chairs to sofas outdoors. It’s 4 chairs and a fire table. I love the egg shape of the chairs – so cozy!

Sirrio Pallazzo

I think that it is interesting that this set includes 2 ottomans with trays instead of a coffee table. That could be great if you already have a table or fire pit. Plus, the ottomans give you flexibility and can be used as seating or as little tables with the trays!

Sirio Palermo 5-piece Seating Set

This is a large outdoor sectional with a coffee table. The base has a woven look, which has poolside beach house vibes for sure!

Sirio Niko 8-piece Modular Seating Set

If you have a large yard or deck, this giant large u-shaped sectional would be a dream for a cozy backyard space.

Modern Sling 8-piece Seating Set

This is a set with 2 chairs and an outdoors sofa. I love the tan color of the bases and the angled shape of the arms. Really pretty for a southwestern or California vibe, too!

Portofino Casual 4-piece Seating

I love the mid century modern lines of this outdoor furniture set! The little feet are perfect!

Costco outdoor dining sets

Sirio Colonial 7-piece Dining Set

This black colored dining set is very simple and clean in design. You can’t go wrong with this look!

Broadway 7-piece Dining Set

This set includes a dining table with 2 swivel chairs and 4 regular chairs. It has a pretty classic outdoor table and chair look to it.

Prescott 9-piece Dining Set

This is a nice white colored dining set, if you have more of a light and bright look with your furniture – carry that outdoors!

Chesapeake 7-piece Dining

this outdoor dining table is black in color but has a farmhouse-style base, making it perfect if you decorate your home in that style!

Trevisio 7-piece Dining Set

This is a very traditional looking dining table with a massive pedestal base and woven style dining chairs.

Sirio Richmond 9-piece Dining Set

This is a cool outdoor dining table because it’s square and seats 8! I love the shape and size honestly! It has a woven texture to it that is really beautiful.

If you’re a big Costco shopper, you might also love to read about our typical monthly Costco haul!

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